Nokia X20

Nokia X20

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  • Anonymous
  • SYt
  • 08 Apr 2021

Nokia Must Join LG

the last flagship that they released
was with SD845
its for more than 2years ago

Nokia 9 with 5×12Mp camera, ppl @ that time was thinking they will hold something like small size of Hubble Telescope in their hands

plz join LG

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    • Anonymous
    • SYt
    • 08 Apr 2021


    this is a normal phone for daily usage

    not a beast for gaming

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      • ImB
      • 08 Apr 2021

      I can see Nokia isn't even trying anymore. This has to be a joke right? Who's gonna buy this shit?!

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        • Plankies
        • Eah
        • 08 Apr 2021

        HMD please sell of the Nokia brand to a company who has more respect for the name and there customers. This is maybe a 200$ handset.

          • N
          • NoM
          • J1F
          • 08 Apr 2021

          This last Nokia lineup is so non competitive !!! Noone will buy this stuff. N100 is better and cheaper also looooooooot from Redmi and realme

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            • Sam k
            • XQ4
            • 08 Apr 2021

            I m very exited.
            Nokia the most trusted brand

              I want to see what others are gonna say!! This device is damn good

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                • Flor
                • I@H
                • 08 Apr 2021

                Oh no!. Again & again.. no special feature for the audio. And the price for the 5g version? Sorry pass..i just grab a 5g Samsung phone.

                  I think the Galaxy A52 5G is a better deal than this. Sorry Nokia, nice try. Heck even the A72 specwise is better.

                    • K
                    • K.S.H.
                    • XND
                    • 08 Apr 2021

                    I thought, Nokia was going to release some good phones. But ....... nothing to say.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • w64
                      • 08 Apr 2021

                      Overpriced tbh

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                        • LAW321
                        • YQR
                        • 08 Apr 2021

                        Lol.ivan, 08 Apr 2021Where's the new flagship??? Why is this phone so weak... moreReally, what about that disgusting Samsung A32 5G with HD+ PLS TFT display?
                        This display is 1000 times better.

                          Someguy20, 08 Apr 2021LOL moreIt seems they really love 60hz refresh rate 😂😂😂

                            • Y
                            • Yemi
                            • r3H
                            • 08 Apr 2021

                            Nokia ain't serious

                              thickness 9.1 mm, Weight 220g, SD 480 SoC, LCD, WTF! etc a bunch of low end devices after a long time, No sign of 6.4, 7.4, 8.4 and the Nokia pureview!

                                Atleast nokia should have gone with Snapdragon 7xx 5G series chipset for this midrangers.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Y6i
                                  • 08 Apr 2021

                                  No qi charging? Really?

                                    Where's the new flagship???
                                    Why is this phone so weak in every aspect except 5g when you compare it with the a52 4g?
                                    Why is the camera system bad except the above average main lens?

                                    The design looks really great though this is disgusting when you see the insides

                                      munnax, 08 Apr 2021Seriously nokia 350 euro for this Snapdragon 480 5G.I noticed that. Really Nokia? If this price and specs come to be true then it's a big fail. You have phones today with much better specs for the same price and even phones from big brands like the A52....