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Nokia X2-00

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oh god,tied a lot of memories with this phone....used to get 6 hrs of battery with continous internet usage (2g) lol 🤣🤣......even then a lot of nostalgia with the old nokia OS and a bunch of games...

  • symbi

The best phone I've ever had. THE BEST

Oh man does those games (especially Bounce Tales and Diamond Rush) bring back so much nostalgia from 2011!

Easily the slowest 0-100 charging on a FEATURE phone I've ever seen. Very disappointed. Even when the phone is not in use while charging, it's still slow.

Rulax, 19 Aug 2018Yes, it it dual sim :-)If you have a Nokia X2-00 that's dual SIM, it's either a fake or a Nokia X2-02. Nokia has NEVER released a dual SIM variant of the X2-00.

suvam ghosh, 24 Apr 2012i am using nokia x2 for an year its battery backup is very bad! ... moreThe hanging issues are only when you use the phone with a memory card with over 1GB of files inserted into the phone. With a memory card with less than 1GB or no memory card, there were no hanging issues at all.

These are just from my personal experience. It might be different for you.

The games pre-loaded onto this phone already brings back so much nostalgia, I wonder about everything else about the phone.

  • Anonymous

my dad gave me this phone when I was a child and still using it to this day, brings back memories

  • jr

does it take whats app

  • Rulax

hodusglobal, 14 Aug 2018Please does this phone use dual simYes, it it dual sim :-)

hodusglobal, 14 Aug 2018Please does this phone use dual simno

Please does this phone use dual sim


subin babu, 12 Jul 2018most powerful phone from Nokia still using in 2018.Is the phone dual sim or single sim

  • subin babu

most powerful phone from Nokia still using in 2018.

MdN, 23 Dec 2012You can do a lot if you know how to. It can even stop a bullet (... moreStop a bullet? If that's really true, I'll be absolutely shocked!

  • Chambion boyie

Tiger, 31 Jan 2018Can we install any spy recording app on this phone.I want to formate it

  • Tiger

Can we install any spy recording app on this phone.

  • Raja harsh

I have bought this phone in january 2011. Excellent phone. I am using this phone today also. It supports whats app,facebook lite,opera mine,uc browser and messanger.. Forever phone. Camera quality ane flash is excellent .. If Nokia launch this phone in dual sim and 4g volte.. I will buy this phone 2nd time also.. Superb phone by nokia..

  • Anonymous

I still have this phone today and i think it's amazing
however,there are several cons being
-Alarm clock
Just doesn't work sometimes
the "#" keeps pressing it self and no other button works
but can easily be resolved simply by not using the phone for several hours
-Security code
Doesn't recognise the code if it was true sometimes
-Music player
Good UI,decent sound
pretty good for such a phone from 2010
comfortable to use
it's pretty good for such a phone
-USB charger support
they can be VERY loud if you want
-and much more
I'd recommend it if you can't afford an Apple phone or something

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 29 Apr 2010Price is only rs 5,000 (85 euro) in India.yes