Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Anonymous

Why did facebook suspend the Facebook lite for j2me ? Im somewhat upset !!!

  • Noki-Mania

Which one is the best one for according to you?
1. Nokia x2 00
2. Nokia 2730 (omitting 3g since i only want one for listening to music)
3. Nokia c2-01
4. Nokia 5130
I intend to buy one of those; Thanks in advance.

  • Swain


  • Anonymous

sairam yedida, 16 Jul 2019oh god,tied a lot of memories with this phone....used to get 6 h... moreSome people are saying its battery backup is very horrendous... Im intending to buy it.

  • Anonymous

What about its backup ? P.s what if i replace the default battery ? I want to buy a used x 2 00 handset.

  • Anonymous

Can this phone fit a bl 5c thicker battery?

  • me

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019Somebody tell me does this phones keypad spare parts fit on noki... moreDon't think so

  • Nafiz

Need this casing

  • Anonymous

Somebody tell me does this phones keypad spare parts fit on nokia x 2 02 ? Or vice versa also ?

  • johntey

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2017I still have this phone today and i think it's amazing -- howe... moreok

oh god,tied a lot of memories with this phone....used to get 6 hrs of battery with continous internet usage (2g) lol 🤣🤣......even then a lot of nostalgia with the old nokia OS and a bunch of games...

  • symbi

The best phone I've ever had. THE BEST

Oh man does those games (especially Bounce Tales and Diamond Rush) bring back so much nostalgia from 2011!

Easily the slowest 0-100 charging on a FEATURE phone I've ever seen. Very disappointed. Even when the phone is not in use while charging, it's still slow.

Rulax, 19 Aug 2018Yes, it it dual sim :-)If you have a Nokia X2-00 that's dual SIM, it's either a fake or a Nokia X2-02. Nokia has NEVER released a dual SIM variant of the X2-00.

suvam ghosh, 24 Apr 2012i am using nokia x2 for an year its battery backup is very bad! ... moreThe hanging issues are only when you use the phone with a memory card with over 1GB of files inserted into the phone. With a memory card with less than 1GB or no memory card, there were no hanging issues at all.

These are just from my personal experience. It might be different for you.

The games pre-loaded onto this phone already brings back so much nostalgia, I wonder about everything else about the phone.

  • Anonymous

my dad gave me this phone when I was a child and still using it to this day, brings back memories

  • jr

does it take whats app