Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • shan

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2011Pls tell me X2 & 2700c which 1 is better.dear x2 is much better

  • sr

i like this mobile.......... by sr

  • Himanshu verma

Hi i love this phone because of its 3D clear sound .You must buy it if ur an musi aspirant.

  • Anonymous

sebi, 15 Nov 2011i love this mobile this is very jaim pack cell phone...and so many quality use up and enjoy it......i recomandad for every one purchase the cell phone fastly.....

  • apaituai

recording time default to 1 hr only. how to solve this limitation?

  • Kutu

This mob phn is not so bad,but suddenly it will swtch off when we proccess my work

  • gus

A very nice cell phone but,needed some more features in it

  • nikku

battery is quckly down when hearing song,video.when we use internet battery wil low

  • prem

it is very nice cell but it opens memory without passward even after locking the memory card

  • sebi

sid, 14 Nov 2011i am now using nokia x2 . It has got great features .. But with ... morei love this mobile

  • malik awais

hi is good handset and very use ful.

  • AnonD-30405

i love this phone it has lots of options

  • Anonymous

This Is a very good handset i am extremely satisfied

  • ansari

sid, 14 Nov 2011i am now using nokia x2 . It has got great features .. But with ... moreBattery is not proper if i hearing song in loud speaker the charge will down quickly...what is the problem in that?

  • sid

i am now using nokia x2 . It has got great features .. But with great features we need good battery which it doesn't have ! Internet is pretty good . The headphone is not at all good had to replace with a new one within 6 mths . Its Strange nowadays nokia phones like X2 don't have the option of adjusting brightness and contrast ! Camera and media player is awesome.

  • Anonymous

Pls tell me X2 & 2700c which 1 is better.

  • king

the specifications are good .but the battery is very poor in nokia x2 it stands only for 4-5 hours .very poor backup.this is on failure product consisting in bettery must solve the pblem as quickly as possible.

  • aati

AnonD-24088, 13 Nov 2011wowwwwwww.....i use dssssssss nokia x2 is not god battare

  • Anonymous

what is prise

  • Anonymous

The best budget phone ever come accross. Everyone should go for it. Its strong and fast.