Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Anonymous

very good

  • Anonymous

hey guys try charging ur phone via usb cable it provides gud backup

  • Anonymous

I like this mobike coz. Of it's camera which is very good

  • sirvic

Nokia x2 is a gud fone in
terms of browsin i have being using it but d batt performance is very low

  • Akhil

Its an amezine mobile phon. I am very happy then this mobile on my hand. Thanks for nokia

  • max

hey frenz, which phone has better camera X2 or cedar? thanx

  • labeeb

i like x2 and also ihave this phone. main feutures of this phone is music and contains dual has 5mp camera with high quality flash.

  • dic

his very bambyastic mobil.and when handaling this mobil so one very diffrent impreshan doing,we are the freand

  • 96

+ Design, comfortable to hold
+ Good area
+ Stereotumbs, qwalaty and
loud sound
+ 2.2 collu 240x320 screen, the
display brightness
+ Music player keys, camera key
+ Bluetooth, USB 3.5 jack
+ USB and memory card
+ You can also listen to the radio
without headphones
+ cameras flash
+ Memory card support up to 16
- Radio reception could be better
- 5 megapixel camera could be a
lot qwalaty
- Sometimes just for nokia x2 off
and many times hangs
- loding could be faster
- No wifi
- There is no minimization and
clear key
- Does not support APK files
- Can not be stored in jar files -
atomatic instantly
- Many programs do not go 3D
games, hangs web browsers

design: 7,8
features: 6,8
perfomance: 6,5

(translate by
google translater
(my language -to-
english language))

  • Pavan

Plz dont buy nokia x2-00 i have facing many PROBLEMS.worst mobile

  • AnonD-20100

Please don't wast your money.
#1 Hanging Problem (While taking Photos)
#2 Software Complaints (Once within 2 months)
#3 No Battery Life
a) Playing a song Max. time 1/2 hours
b) Browsing Very low battery life
c) Recharge every day for continuing services


  • AnonD-13154

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2011go ahead with Nokia X2 it's a very nice 4u. Ur friends will enjo... moreMy friends enjoyed teasing me as I bought the dumb just looking at its brand name.

  • AnonD-13154

akj, 31 Aug 2011yes it can even streamYes x2 can stream. 2g.
But once its online, battery got serious issues.

  • AnonD-13154

Sam, 30 Aug 2011I am going to buy a mobile within 2 days but i m confused. I wan... moreMan x2 cant play good mp4 videos.
They are played as audio if its beyond 320x240 pixels.
Even if its 320x240, frame rate should be below 30fps for hassle free playback.

Better go with se cedar. It plays videos like a 5233.

  • AnonD-13154

rahul, 30 Aug 2011its a rht mobile to purchase within a managble amount Tell me how is my 1 year old x2 is worth its money?
And how it beats my se cedar.?
Cedar is the ri8 mobile to spend your money on.
Same price, tonnes of features and functionality

  • AnonD-18508

Sam, 30 Aug 2011I am going to buy a mobile within 2 days but i m confused. I wan... moreGo with cedar instead.
I own x2 and cedar.
Cedar can even play hq mp4 of 7.2mbps bitrate of hd 640x360 resolution.
In my x2, once the file exceeds qvga resolution, just audio is played.
Video record is lowq 3gp in x2 too.

Cedar got 3.5g and multitasking is enabled. Same price.
So better spend your money on the best than the average.

  • akj

Sam, 30 Aug 2011I am going to buy a mobile within 2 days but i m confused. I wan... moreyes it can even stream

  • Sam

I am going to buy a mobile within 2 days but i m confused. I wanted to buy nokia x2 but got scared after reading reviews of x2. So should i buy this? Does it support mp4 videos smoothly? Thanks

  • mack

it is nice mobile,with very good features......

  • JITU

NOKIA X2-00 is a phone which battry back up is very bad.It lokes beautiful but it is not a fulyloaded set.