Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • AnonD-13476

This phone cant do multitask.
Cant play hq bitrate vga videos, in fact any video larger than 240x320
Dont have 3g
Cant modify audio,cam drivers and improve clarity or sound or whatever you want..
Cant play .srt subtitle along with movies or video songs.

There are phones at the same price which can perform all these and more.
Move on people.

  • AnonD-13498

can anyone tell me if opera mini is the phones default browser and if its the secondary? I had a 5130xm and it had opera mini as a browser.later i had trouble and my phone deleted the
browser and i was not able to connect.wen i went to internet nothing opened. I dont want same problem again. Thanx

  • Anonymous

batery takes too long tym too charge apart its easy to operate

  • rmn

C series is better than X series of Nokia.
Guys Go for C series phone rather than buy X series phones.

  • rmn

guy from sao paulo, 09 Jul 2011nokia x2-00( total focus) vs 6700s (auto focus with Carl Zeiss ... moreNo bro If u say that pic is clear bcoz of consume high memory or higher resolution. It is total wrong.
Image clearity depends upon the IMAGE SENSOR.

  • curious

ive had the x2 for over a year now and two of the four speakers blew (stopped working), the battery life is the worst, i use a timer to charge the battery and also let the battery run dead at least 4 times when i got the phone before charging it. compared to my other nokia 5132, the ability to hear the other person when u r on a call with the x2 isn't as loud, its kinda faint even with the volume turned up all the way

  • prince

im facing the problem with battary.some times battary falling down when im using the phone.after some time my battary is comming 2 its original position

  • Anonymous

X2 is too good !
With 5 MP Camera,Flash & Dual Speakers its d cheapest phone to have all dis kinda stuff.
Battery backup is not so good but still ok.
Just gt it fr 4300Rs in Pune.

So those who r luking for a low budget Camera phone
jst go fr it !!! :D

  • Anonymous

very interesting phone, 5 MP camera and music player, but non-3G though

  • raju

ya its a nice one !!
but one problem with this phone is
if u connect to the computer for net browsing it attacks virus more than any other phone!
so that it suddenly switch off when u open an application !
i am facing the same problem now guys !!!
so please help me how to solve this problem ?

  • jito

David, 10 Jul 2011it's been almost 6 months since I have purchased this phone... T... moreCan you please tell me about the problems with the battery of x2 as i am going to buy it. Please reply it fast.

  • Aloo

I love nokia x2 mobile about its 5 mp camera music its earphones and i dont like one thing about its battery packup then also its fine

  • David

it's been almost 6 months since I have purchased this phone... The only problem I have is the battery back-up, but everythin's fine especially the Music, Video Playback, and the 5 MP Camera... I love this phone, video recording is great even taking photos has some nice quality... Thanks GSMarena for providing us some infos about cellular phones, I satisfied with this phone :)

  • vivek

awesome phone with big speakers and 5 mp camera just like 6303i classic

  • Anonymous

Soumik, 08 Jul 2011the best mobile from nokia at a decent price,bt i wishd that the... morethank u my sweet bother u solved my problum regarding nokia x2 battery issue.i thought that only i am facing that problum

  • nandan

funnyguy, 09 Jul 2011This is funny and i using this mobile Right now and i am happy ... moreU say something good for that mobile


hey guyz nice phone,very good sound qlty superb camera new inbuilt functions like image album,very fast internet speed but the bad thing is its battery backup after full charge it run only 14-15 hours.but i m hpy with this in such cheap prize.overall execellent phone

  • arabinda

high friends i am a regular user of x2 and the phone performance is very good but the phone suffer battery problem i request u to not buy the phone

  • Anonymous

@ guy frm sao polo.
You have ip adress from asia.

Photo size doesnt mean it got clarity

  • vinayak

nice phone but low battery backup///