Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Viswa

X2 is a good phone but one disadvantage is no battery life..i like x2

  • Anonymous

jiku, 04 Jun 2011i m hv got a plan to buy thiz phone next week...plz tell me is t... moreIts a good phone but its software create a lots of problems

  • AnonD-9239

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2011i am a sony ericsson fan using k810 because of its music and cam... moreYeah defenitely.
I own x2 and cedar.
Cedar is the best among all 5k phones. It plays hq videos and got a great display too.
Sony cedar , got 3g, multitask, 3.5mmjack and microusb.,
X2 not good.

  • jiku

i m hv got a plan to buy thiz phone next week...plz tell me is this a good phone...??plz...i m a lil bit confused......

  • Anonymous

i am a sony ericsson fan using k810 because of its music and camera quality, i am searching of a secondary phone having 3.5mm jack and good music output,can you help,nokia or sony ericsson

  • sam25

Hi guys, I just bought today Nokia x2 and it is a quite simple one! But I am asking how can I add the french language to this mobile??! Thanks for your help!

  • maddy

nice phone at a very cheap price...and good camera too.

  • upset

it doesnt support youtube videos :(

  • AnonD-9534

el, 03 Jun 2011me tooI am using x2 for 9 months and cedar for 5 months.

Cedar is the better choice.

  • el

AnonD-9814, 01 Jun 2011im really confused aftr reading all the opinions... so is this a... moreme too

  • Rajavel

AnonD-9534, 31 May 2011The farthest backup I got in x2 at very soft usage is 23hours. ... moreI am really confused. The Nokia X2 or good phone or not... Please tell that.

  • don

i love nokia x2

  • Anonymous

Does it really support USB-on the go???answer me please,I need it soon...

  • Syed

How could a company Nokia Made such disaster.I am having three X2 in the family.This is so stupid.One set is in Nokia care for three months.Second one is on the way soon.Third one some how surviving.Wrote to Mr Abu Daud Khan the Nokia CMO in reply from his valueble times.Earlier CMo mr Prem Chand was much more responsive.very sad saga.

  • Niru

batry bakup is poor
image qulty is avrege

  • John wayne

This cellphones battery is not same that they said. I buy it and the battery is bl 5c. And backup is not good.only 5 hours. In using internet:-(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2011Only one thing can say in response to your comment on sound (hea... morePlease check your ears to an reputed ENT

  • AnonD-9920

[deleted post]dude wat abut d c0ast..?

  • Sergio

5 megapixels= yes
but not a single pixel in focus
if you could take a text or diagram, it is unreadable?
the E71 camera is much better.

  • jhustienne

i had this phone for quite some time now. It's so not worth it. image quality is so poor. battery life is so poor as well.