Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Frost

Randikzz, 13 May 2011im satisfied with nokia x2, battery life is good & music is ... moreAre you sure that the battery life is good? How did you do to make the battery life become good?

  • SAM

can we record the videos and load into the laptops maybe for loadind in the profiles of facebook etc....

will it require some extra software update...

kindly update ,,,i wish to buy it

  • AnonD-2965

x2, 14 May 2011Got a question about nokia x2, you get the video, just watch 20 ... moreFrom my experience with x2, the phone is totally bugged buddy.
In my x2
It keeps generating certain file types which cant be deleted or moved by windows and phone itself.

  • x2

Got a question about nokia x2, you get the video, just watch 20 seconds and then I close and open on the screen after it says charger not supported me. Does anyone know what is wrong.

  • mtak12345

Bot. this 2 weks ago - no English manual - how do I download the photos to my Laptop?


  • shubham

this is most foolish in world because of its battery.i am charging this phone all day but its battery lasts for maximum 3hrs.if you want to save your money dont buy this model.

  • Anonymous

Features r jst AWSM.. batery is Ok.. bt the fone is 2ooooooo slow.. its xtremely sluggish..

  • x2 user

do u have charging problems about the x2 for example when its charging for more than 3 hours and its no fully charged yet?

  • AnonD-2965

I bought x2 9 months before following my nokia series and later bought sony cedar being fed up with x2 now 4 months.

.What the heck r u people saying?

X2 is the worst xpress music phone till date.
Cant even access net for an hour,The battery drains a 40%.
battery doesnt stand for a 20hours.
Camera doesnt capture colors atleast like a 1.3mp.
Below average video clarity.
Below average music clarity.
Outstanding loudness
Short range but big flash.
No multitasking.
Very poor display, tilt a bit and the phone mixes all the colors.
Symbian40 and a low ram resulting in a much slower interface than my prev phones like 3500.
No 3g.

Is this the defenition of a good phone?
First compare this with other phones of same range. Then say wether its a good or not.

  • SIRA

Superb phone,been using it for about two months no complaint what so ever

  • mahi

its a awsome fone...gud camera...superve music only the battery is the problem

  • PZ

Demzy, 12 May 2011Pls help i can't browse on my nokia x2.The reply i get is servic... morecontact ur sevice provider

  • Rajiv

Anonymous, 13 May 2011nice phone .. muzic simply awesome.. price almost great. camera ... moreYesIts awsome

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2965, 11 May 2011Megapixels doesnt mean clarity. Its the image sensor quality th... morethis is my dream

  • justice2cool

x2 is da bomb am cruising mine

  • Anonymous

nice phone .. muzic simply awesome.. price almost great. camera also gud .. bt just a simple complain abt itz battery . nt upto nokia's expectations .. plz nokia if iu can plz try to improve itz attery backup frm 1 day to atleast 2 days fr muzic lover ... at lst simply awesome phone....

  • pz

Jacob, 10 May 2011Superb complaints r many.batry nt bad..nt 3g.yout... morewho told u that x2 does nt streming. if u dont know how to strem dont say like that....

  • X2 guy

A very nice decent phone. With 5MP you have a nice camera and you have an Xpress Music type of phone(media buttons). I wouldn't use this for internet browsing. Also since this is a recent/new model, can't make themes for this kind of phone.

  • Frost

Anonymous, 02 May 2011 i don't agree with you. i really get 3 days with heavy usag... moreCan you explain about what did you do for get 3 days battery life with heavy usage?
I just need your help right now :(
Thanks for reply~

  • Mukesh

The battery backup is very low,