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Nokia X2-00

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  • PUGS

battery probelm

  • Anonymous

cedar or this one?or any phone that is good in messaging and has a good cam ....but of course only at price range like cedar and x2....any reply will be much appreciated ;))

  • AnonD-1589

According to me Nokia X2 is the best as messaging phone. It doesn't have a lot of features but you will get everything that you need in a messaging phone. It is having a Very Good Picture quality, audio output, FM and Video but where it is lagging behind is its small screen and poor battery life.­try-level-messaging-phone.html

  • gokul

i bought this phone a week ago. can i install document viewer for this? how to install it? reply plzzz?

  • jblieber

i like this model... wanna upgrade my n1680c with this nice x2.. i'm so amazed with the 5mp cam w/ led flash.. it's great but the question is... do i have any money to buy that? it's a big no... huhu

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2965, 20 Apr 2011really funny..... i'm stating cedar is better than x2 only afte... morewreck, let us see some sample photos of both units ;))

  • AnonD-2965

xMAN, 19 Apr 2011nokia's all s40 6th edition phns r way ahead compare to se cedar... morereally funny.....
i'm stating cedar is better than x2 only after comparing both these phones.
remember this first i own bot of them...
and not just lying like you by saying like this
"""""cedar is ten times better than x3,
cedar is 10 times better than x2's camera
cedar is 100 times better than x2.""""

not this way buddy i'm doing it after proper calculations and recording various readings like
video bitrate,maximum bitrate recorded,maximum video clarity obtained after convering at various bitrates,various resolutions pixel by pixel
i've spend a lot of time converting to check them out using convertors like TVC,nero recode,AVC.a video with just a pixel more than 320*240 and x2(all s40 i think) plays it as audio file.

with the camera comparison of both phones i've snapped same object,same scene, at various light levels
bright indoors(cedar comes up),
dark indoors(X2 comes up),
full sunlight outdoors(cedar comes up)
partially sunlit outdoors(cedar comes up)
full night photography(only X2) max distance 2.5mtrs approx but the photo is blurred up.
that too in various settings- flash on,flash off,(cedar doesn't got a flash so gotta adjust with night mode)night mode on night mode off,various modes in phone whiteness balance like auto,daylight,cloudy....and find out that cedar absorbs color very nicely than x2 especially in sunlight outdoor shoots and bright indoor shots but fails when full dark being a phone without flash.

angled views too x2 shows different colors when tilted to various angles where as cedar shows it only when tilted to right ie; viewing from extreme left side of the display
with the speaker x2 got almost double the loudness cedar got but the voice is all messed uo in loudest volumes where as cedar though very low in volume delivers the same high quality output no matter its high or low.
why does it hurt to you when i say s40 doesnt got multitask and bightness adjust and x2 got a low ram for an OS like symbian, the phone blips to black when starting up ovi player,takes more time to load images in gallery.....IT is a fact.

  • xMAN

nokia's all s40 6th edition phns r way ahead compare to se cedar. c3 and 3120c's battery and internet is 10 times better than cedar. x2 and 6303i's camera is 10 times better than cedar. x3's music quality and design is not 10 times better,unfortunately its 100 times better than cedar.
So, its proved that s40 6th edition phns are too good compare to cedar.
So Guys beware of "SE cheater"
...i mean "cedar."

  • PMT

AnonD-2965, 19 Apr 2011In full sunlight I set the brightness in cedar to 100%, so that ... moreIn nights are so brigit...

  • AnonD-2965

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2011hey can u able to reduce the screen brightness below 50% in ceda... moreIn full sunlight I set the brightness in cedar to 100%, so that it is properly legible. And in night while browsing like this, I turn it down upto 50% (minimum possible) so that it doesn't strain my eyes.

In my other phone,x2 its totally imbalanced, no proper legiblity in sunlight ,need to concentrate and too bright in night time stressing ones eyes.and I cant adjust it. Who wouldn't get kicked by missing that?

  • cherry

where to download quick office for this handset/.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2965, 19 Apr 2011you missed something. Advantages--- 1.not that value for money... morehey can u able to reduce the screen brightness below 50% in cedar if yes comment on that as X2 brightness is optimized don't talk on it.

Most Disadvantage of Ceadr-

1.Unprofessional design for the speaker
2.Undeveloped Speaker selection
3.Under 2G can not match speed if Edge can provide the speed for limited browsing why 3G?
4.Unsaturated music output from other branded headphone ---means making fool to people by giving 3.5mm jack which behaves good with only SE headsets
4.In cedar they missed the word itself in their dictionary(Very limited word source)
5. No manual tuning of Equalizer should listen sad song in Megabass or presets (waste of mind)
Final thoughts no phone is fully prefect let people decide on their own don't make people fool

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2965, 19 Apr 2011If you care for more pixel resolution and small c-mos sensor, go... morehey this fellow is doing nasty things if he loves cedar with the blind typing very good be blind and listen carefully about the good things around.

He is messing up in 5800 section also this is really blind fellow ....... who compares worlds best music phone with nonsense­eviews-2537.php

  • AnonD-2965

raw, 19 Apr 2011i wnt 2 buy x2 but i'm confused abt what pple re sayin.pls i luv... moreIf you care for more pixel resolution and small c-mos sensor, good volume in loud speaker and led flash, by sacrificing 3g, speaker music clarity , bass and quality headphone output, pixelated images, poor video recording, poor video playback, very limited screen angle-view, low color absorbing camera, no multitask, slow interface and roughly a days battery life.
buy x2...
If you care for this in inverse buy cedar.
Cedar is the best in 5000 range, but it got no flash and below avg volume while playing mediafiles.

  • paola21

ohhh it is a really great device i actualy own it 2 days ago now, good camera with a flash, but the latest software still not available in my country the philippines. ..u should buy this :)

  • raw

i wnt 2 buy x2 but i'm confused abt what pple re sayin.pls i luv chatin nd browsin is x2 gud 4 d 2 things,nd hw is d internet speed is't ok.pls help

  • Meraj

Nice Phone (Smart Phone) in following ways
Very Gud - Picture, quality, audio output, FM, Video,
Only small screen is disadvantage, also battery charging takes long time
But finally very smart phone

  • rao

i observed that if we use the camera ,tha battery will get discharged rapidly...i dont know why it is happening with nokia,,which is then name brand for battery life...

  • Siri

[deleted post]Hey control urself. We shouldnt use such a language. Mi kopam naku ardhamaindhi. Anyway, whatever it may be, nokia x2 is a very good handset for that price...

  • AnonD-2965

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2011hi wreck, do you know where i can see some sample pictures of ce... morehere itslef in gsmarena---
x2>related phones>SE cedar>pictures