Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • goodo

my problem is when i connect the hands free still sounds comes from speaker while using radio, it does not comes from hands free.
can somebody help?

  • Ranzoo22

Hi Guys,
I bought x2 on d day before, i feels it's good for the lowest price.
Camera might be 5mp but its not giving that much clarity like Sony ELM bu it has a decent view in camera.
You should forget about flash on camera cos its absolutely waste.
Speakers are awesome especially wit hear phones.
it has a decent look unlike samsung color doll phones.
its worthy for that price.

  • Anonymous

This phone is not as much good as it seems... Camera is very poor even at 5 MP....

  • nizamina

I love this phone. However after using the data cable since my purchase last nonember 2010, my data cable does not work.I get a message saying "charger is not supported". Today I purchased a new cable and I get the same response.I tried using cable on another computer and same result.what shpuld I do?


HI all user of X2 . THE so long time that X2 take to charging is because the slow charger AC-3 try using another charger AC-8E or AC-10 you will note that the charging time is less . For longer battery life try to use BL-5C battery its capacity is bigger than the battery came with the phone BL-4C {i don't know if the thicker battery the BL-5C will fit smoothley in the phone body or not }.

  • lambo

The charging time is so long because of the charger try to use another charger like AC-8 or AC -10 not the slow AC-3 . another thing try using the BL-5C battery if it fit the place it willl be good cause it has larger capisty than BL-4C battery & BL-5C is thicker only.

  • mockie

i just bought this phone but am having difficulties connecting with the parrot on my car .

  • Iqbal

satish, 15 Mar 2011many softwares are not supported by x2 00 Yes you are right about this i amagree with you.

  • mihtun nachare

compare 5mpx camera there picture quality not good there battery not charge quickly minimum 5 hour take the full charge and it's not support software mainly youtube not support.

  • Nihal

Hey what a phone is it! I have purchased this phone yesterday.and iam really proud of this phone and be happy.

  • edo

does soneone try usb on the go..

  • satish

many softwares are not supported by x2 00

  • Pradeep

Please dont buy this handseut .becoy last week i purchase this phone .and within a week its speaker is cracking also battery takes more than 5 hours to full charged.

  • gurdeep singh

phone is good looking nice sound but very poor speaker and mic quality ...... phone purchased and sell after 5 days due to very poor speaker quality. u can feel ur voice in ur phone's speaker like surrounding ... no privacy betweet ur voice and ur speaker u can feel surrounding ur voice in ur handset's speaker during call
very poor .. don't buy

  • francis

ive been planning to buy nokia X2 .. what is the cheapest price ?.. so i could buy this .. in SM marikina it cost 4400 .. is anyone know there any shop selling cheaper than 4400 ?..

  • jigatr

can we edit excel file using any software.if yes then pls give the software link

  • Phil

Dear X2 users, please provide genuine info regarding this phone's battery life, i really need to know if the battery life is good or not before going for it.

  • victor92

AnonD-3394, 09 Mar 2011I am using this phone from last 2 months...haven't found any pro... more why is it that my battery life is only 2 days and yet you stated that the battery life is good? did you change the battery or something?

  • AnonD-538

winkyblue, 12 Mar 2011how much hir in the philippines?.. i have no ideaBought one yesterday at 5th Ave. Telecoms in SM Megamall, Cyberzone. Cheapest one to date: PHP 4,200. They haven't posted any signs stating the price which is probably one reason they still have stocks in spite of having the cheapest price in the whole Ortigas/Greenhills area.

Updated it to V.4.90 and I'm still putting it through its paces. So far I'm quite satisfied. BTW, for those who want to sync their iTunes playlists with the X2, download and use Nokia Ovi Player.

  • AnonD-3817

Arjun, 07 Mar 2011Hey Everyone... I'm was planning to buy this x2, I found tht th... moreMy sister has this phone (X2).The daytime photos are quite excellent. Also just compare video recording rates on X2 it is 18fps on Cedar it is 15. Besides if you are going to use 2G Nokia X2 is better since it has class 32 edge and class 32 gprs whereas cedar has only class 10 which is like 2/3 years old. Okay if you are ready to shell out on a 3G connection then Sony cedar is better. I used X2 there is no hanging of any sort.If you compare the specs you can see that all nokia phones in this price range use 64 MB RAM not sure on Cedar's figures.X2 has LED flash.
Another thing in Cedar's favour is high onboard memory of 280 MB.I think Sony speakers has always been good so no contest there.So it all boils down to X2 for better camera and a better 2G surfing experience or cedar for better sound and 3G,
Both phones has threaded sms and push mail so thats all right.