Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Tann Sambath

X2 is good, small and easy to use. If possible its price should be under US dollar 100.00 so that the average income person can use it. Thanks

  • jirafa

y it will auto update, how close it?

  • catacov

zuper god tel

  • jiko

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2011u use media transferbut if i use media transfer mode then i cant transfer any kind of wallpaper or screen saver nor any kind of games via that mode so what should i do?
plz help thanks


i hv purchase nokia x2 recently .its camera performance
is satisfactory. back side light is very shiny.price is also reasonable ..

  • punky

raman, 08 Feb 2011no 3g no wifi what the use of flash lite 3 go and buy nokia n8, it has 3g and wifi.

  • Anonymous

this phone is very good in pictures ,

  • univercell employee

x2's 5mp camera is hell worse than many other lower cameras
it cant even stand upto clarity of nokia c5's or sony cedar's camera.

the image flickers when you move your hand a little while snapping.
also the screen flickers everytime i start a heavy game like rallymaster pro and hangs.
the display is ok.
but faulty software even after several upgrades is a real mess.
speaker is loud but very distorted sound when you increase volume after a level, clarity ìs low.
screen goes blank for a slight moment everytime i play a new song before ovi player updates itself .
i think its bcoz of low ram.

my advice better move on to sony cedar , though it got 2mp camera only, it got image stabilising software, producing better images than x2. also very good audio clarity though not loud as x2. it supports multitask too with fast processing speed.

if you can afford a little more jump to c5 or zylo.
if u need music buy zylo..if u need net buy c5

  • raman

no 3g no wifi what the use of flash lite 3

  • avik

i am using this n-x2. it is wonderful.its pitcure qualitu is wonderful.

  • Anonymous

same i m also sms i was first planing to buy itr but after reading the cmnt i m in delima..

  • imran

hey i m using this phone from two week,i m fully satisfied with camera & music system of this 5ooo best nokia phone nowadays. only problem facing during net is how can we play youtube video live in this phone otherwise net speed is well.
so somebody please help me if there are any master of mobile net here then suggest me how can we play live streaming video / ( youtube video) on this phone.
go for this phone if u have a low budget customer. . . its worth for your money. . . . thanks

  • girll

if i buy this phone i will every time update?

  • Sweety

Very good mobile but no 3g and small screen

  • Ahmad

haimpts, 07 Feb 2011hello friends.... i planed to buy this x2 mobile.. i confused ... morekeypad is fine but not suitable for an addictive sms user.battery will do a day wid continous sms round the clock so i think itz reasonable.

  • Anonymous

jiko, 06 Feb 2011hi, i was purchased nokia x2 on 31st january 2011 from nokia pri... moreu use media transfer

  • haimpts

hello friends....
i planed to buy this x2 mobile..
i confused after reading that comments..
im always using mobile for it need to keep battery more..
so if u means, plz tell me,this mble can keep life or not?
give ur option... thanks....

  • Anonymous

NEW USER OF X2, 06 Feb 2011whenever i'm trying to connect my x-2 with pc via the data cable... moreformate the men card. Now you can use mass storage mode.

  • Lovely

Good phone but no 3g

  • Rajkrishnan

I have been using nokia mobile phones for a period of nearly four years. X2 is my mobile no.8. the camera is better than 5130, 6233, and 6070. Sound is good. I was so worried about the reviews when i saw after purchasing x2, but no problems with x2. my phone hangs just once that too on the first day. battery backup is okay. The only problem is x2 is getting hot when charging battery, but i think it won't cause any problem.