Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Kannan

I bought my x2 in kerala for rs 4900 with 2gb mem card, am satisfy with my phone, i think the only problem is phone lock, i want to change my passward, in this phone only 12345 setting only, anyone plz gav me the solution,

  • musahama

i cannot delete my photo i need how????

  • GadgetFreak23

I used this phone, but like all phones there are lackings: 1) Lack of auto focus. Therefore image good is good not excellent. 2) It takes a long time for picture to save. Cannot delete after taking pic. 3) Keypad scratches if you are a texter. Good things: 1) Battery cover is alluminium looks cool. 2) Conversation mode in text option 3) music keys are comfortable to use

  • Ron

Nokia X2 is nice phone.But its laggs the things like Marking the inbox messages.

  • keyur

when i saw the vedio than phone was hang, so give feed back of this on this mail id


i purchase a nokia x2 mobile phone. we play when video then this mobie hang & automatic switch off. please suggest me what i do. my email is, reply immiediate.


i purchase nokia x2 mobile. when i play video this mobile hang on please suggest me.

  • janakiram

how to use camera in x2?

  • benn

full focus mean what???????

  • Aran

Aran, 24 Jan 2011nokia x2 really rocks. But it is missing simple features like me... more*cannot send a simple picture message

  • Aran

nokia x2 really rocks. But it is missing simple features like message blocking, brightness adjustments. U can send a simple picture message. if u try i gets changed to MMS.

  • harish

vinay , 23 Jan 2011plz healp me my mobile very hacking just get the software updated through any nokia care centre its free of cost u need to provide a xerox copy of bill

  • Viswanath

I bought this mobile last has all the feautures except 3g.nice camera 5mp with flash.

  • Vichu

Nice phone with 5mp camera with flash.x2 is a budget phone and as all the features

  • Gerald

[deleted post]Ahmm, but someone says that they can play video thru youtube by their x2, is there any way that my device can play videos thru youtube? can i put my original bl-5c battery to my x2? So it will lasts long? How can i rem0ve the front housing of the device, there is a little dust to my screen, and how can i remove the confirmation that my msg. Has been sent, its causing a delay when im opening another msg. Txting here in the phil. Is very cheap, pls. Answer back.. Thanks for a lot of information

  • vinay

feng, 23 Jan 2011the x2 video good or not?plz healp me my mobile very hacking

  • Anonymous

Rakib, 23 Jan 2011friends...when i call someone if he/she's waiting this phone doe... morejus go in callsettings n den activate d call waiting service dats it.............

  • prab.rosh

Good phone with good price Rs.5000/- in Patna, India
without memory card !!

  • Rakib

friends...when i call someone if he/she's waiting this phone doesn't show me "waiting"...are u also facing this problem? how can i get rid of it?...pls help me...

  • Aran

[deleted post]I was able to play youtube videos in X2 but some was not clear because of higher FPS. u can play youtube videos.