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  • Sumit

I had use this x2 model a week hangs a lot and automaticaly battery status become low .
What should be done to decrease hang and increase batery .give me some idea

  • Gaurav

dont always go on camera etc....
the phone is block of wood...
insted buy a nokia 5233...
only 6200/-

  • Kira

hey i want to buy a new phone, I am confused with nokia x3, x2 and 5130xm.. which has the loudest speaker? pls reply

  • som

manoj, 15 Nov 2010ya coz X2 has max battery power that's why charging time up too ... morenokia x2 has poor battery backup or power, it discharges in a shorter period, and charged full in 4 hours

  • Gaga

There was written that this mobile hasn't good camera, is it true? and which phone is better nokia x2 if htc magic? thanks :)

  • Jurasic02

Tees Maar Khaan, 15 Nov 2010My dear 95% comments om gsmarena are totally fake. Its best to c... moreI wish i knew what you said in your last comment, unfortunately i don't speak the language, as far as accusing me that my comments r fake, i'd like to say that the comments i posted have no base of comparison since they are one man's opinion on one subject. You are welcome to contradict me in any way you like, and maybe you'd care to explain what you mean by fake, since fake means not true. How can an opinion on something not be true?! I'm not bashing the brand or anything, i just hope you're not a nokia dealer or work for nokia in any way... because if that were the case your opinion really is irrelevant since it's prawn to subjectivity.

  • Tees Maar Khaan

Vishailaja, 15 Nov 2010I Planned to buy this X2, But reading all you ppl comments now i... moreMy dear 95% comments om gsmarena are totally fake. Its best to consult at 20 mobile shops than to follow fake comments as i always do. If you have nokia concept store in your city please visit it and feel any nokia model in your hand before buying it. You can also test any nokia phone at nokia concept store yourself. Please use your brain and not blindly follow 95% fake comments om gsmarena.

  • tmk

[deleted post]WDP4 is billions of times better than spiro and nokia x2. In fact it is the best with 4000 hp power and max. speed of 160 kmph with 11 a.c. coaches. Only competition is from WDP4B which has 4500 hp power. I shot both these majestic locos with my nokia x2 at Phulera junction.

  • Vishailaja

Praveen, 10 Nov 2010ru sure if it starts working fine if we upgrade the version from... moreI Planned to buy this X2, But reading all you ppl comments now iam confused. I did not expect that nokia would release a phone with so many problems like battery charging,Low noise,Back panel and etc....! One thing i observed is in all the comments 70% are the negative feed back from the ppl who are already using it.

  • Tees Maar Khan

dev, 15 Nov 2010every thing is Sound.. Charge.. Bt one thing is not... moreUse airtel mobile moffice 98 pack or reliance net 99 pack instead of normal gprs to get better connectivity. I my self use airtel 98 m o pack on my nokia x2 and it works amazing. Best speed of m o is from 1 am night to 9 am morning. At that time one can download files upto 50 mb size on nokia x2. I had yesterday bought 8 gb micro SDHC card worth rs. 580.00 for my nokia x2. I will now be able to play 2000 songs on nokia x2 using 8gb card.

  • Jurasic02

Nokia x2 lover, 14 Nov 2010wow such a deep explanation of your experience with nokia moreOne other thing about this phone though... last night i just listened to some music on my G/F phone Nokia xpress music 5220... the sound quality on that phone is 100000000 times better on headphones than on nokia X2, the stereo enhancement feature on that phone is awesome, the sound is much much louder and the equalizer actually does something... with all the gadgets and apps the X2 and the XpressMusic 5220 are priced about the same, i guess the difference in sound quality makes up for that. If you guys know anyone with a 5220 just listen to your favorite song that you liked on X2 on 5220 and feel the difference because believe me... there is a MAJOR ONE! Also another inconvenient about the X2 is sharp edge of the display when it meets the keyboard... i wouldn't press and slide my finger on that edge! Also the 5220 feels more compact than it's "updated" cousin... maybe these things are something to consider mayber for the next x2... maybe the x2-01.. who knows, but i'd definitely like a firmware update to improve the the sound quality on the x2... it think it would be fine if this update would get me at least half way between the sound quality of the x2 and the sound quality of the 5220.
Now i'm gonna make like a wishlist of features and/or changes i'd like for this phone should it be re-edited in the future:
- faster charge time
- more tight/robust construction
- solid plastic on the back skid-proof rubber like
- scratch resistant display surface
- non glossy finish (i kinda hate that in laptops too.. i like good old fashioned textured plastic)
- 5.0 mp camera is a non-sense for this phone, instead improve the accuracy and get real 3.15 mp camera with stronger or dual led flash. like i've said in my previous comment there are phones with 2 mp and better picture quality, and maybe this will improve the:
- image save time when taking a photo.. i'd like to be able to take pictures faster...
- more configurable menu...let's say for people that don't want to go online or use the ovi store.
- use the same dedicated music chip as the 5220... the technology is there i don't see why downgrade.
- sharp display edge near the keyboard >> change that! take the edge off or somth!
- better display for 256 k, and i will refer to my previous comment again, there are many brands that for the same number of colors provide a better display with better viewing angles and contrast.
- simpler and smoother icons in the menu like the active bluetooth icon or the signal strength icon as opposed to the old icons on 5310 xpress music or the 5220 or the 6600 slide... more win7 - ish.
That's about all.
Thanks for reading... hope the nokia guys r sniffing this website for feedback! ... now... where's that software update for my sound quality??....

  • dev

every thing is Sound.. Charge.. Bt one thing is not ok.. I can't download any software... with out from ovi site.. I thought it may coz of software.. I update it to 4.90 today.. In nokia care center they ask me for check.. Than i was try to download ... From getjar i download a uc browser... Which was not in english.. Bt i thought its ok. Now after returning home its not working.. I'm trying to download.. Bt its showing 'connection lost, try again'.. What can i do naw..
Pls any body help me..
Writing speed n phon are now very slow.. Which was good b4 update..

  • jack

Guys the battery is Awesome...I stay in mumbai & Electricity provider is TATA...However my friends provider is Reliance...My friends phone takes more time than my phone getting charged ...Guys problem is not with the phone its with the service provider...

  • manoj

Sumit, 14 Nov 2010It takes a lot of time to recharge what to do?ya coz X2 has max battery power that's why charging time up too 4 to 4:30 hours max

  • RICK

hannah, 14 Nov 2010when ever i click on the video camera, and click record, it reco... moreman open camera go in video mode
then setting
then set to max memory available...
okay then continue video soot

  • Hak

Yeah SabriÖzarslan is right. u should use a charger with a output of 890mA. then it will take about 2-2.5hour to charge.
i hve been using this nd i think it has also increased my batery time.
u guys should try it.

  • Anonymous

SabriÖzarslan, 15 Nov 2010X2 charging. For faster charging use AC 4E. That means a charge... moreU have used that?

  • SabriÖzarslan

X2 charging.
For faster charging use AC 4E. That means a charger with 890mA output. So you can charge it 2 or 2h 30 minutes.. I don't understand why Nokia put a small one in box?

  • upendra

i bought x2 it is working fine for me. But it takes lot of time to get charged about 5 hours. What to do?

  • Sumit

It takes a lot of time to recharge what to do?