Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • M.C SACH

My x2 is not properly on music player in sterio wedning

  • GJ

Hey guys, m facing a problem... When i connect my phone to my laptop, phone get restart..
So, plz tell me any suitable answer.

  • GJ

Hey dude, in my phone opera working as well. But one of friend having prob with it...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]men just download NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER on your pc.. just go to the official site of nokia, then clik SUPPORT, then PRODUCT SUPPORT,you will see the link on the bottom left side to download the NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER, install it on your computer, then plug in your x2 with the supplied usb cable and just follow the instruction what the updater will give you. its easy as ABC

  • wave

[deleted post]thank you brother, i just updated my X2 to 4.90v today and it works perfectly.. i love my x2,, perfect music,perfect camera thanks to NOKIA!! cheers!!:))

  • naved@malik

what about its camera
is it clear or not
zoom is good or not

  • wave

hi guys can i ask something? when you update the software to 4.90v is all default applications/themes will be deleted also? kindly plz answer.. tnx

  • Waqas

Guys plz help me.,opera mini is not working in my X2...,it says failed to connect to the internet.,...other applications like facebook are working well..only opera mini is not working.,..

  • pooja

there is no mark option in this cell

  • sabil

the worst camera features ever ....its sucks 5mp quality.damn...C5 mobile's cam is so better than it...just damn..but others features r ok

  • ammar

wanna buy this one , any one tell me about its camera plz
cause it sounds very poor 256 k

  • deb

by mistake i have given a password lock in my nokia x2 memory card and now i have forgotten the memory card password and for that reason iam unable to open my memory card option from gallery.
plsssssssssssss can any one help me that how can i remove the password from my memory card.....
waiting for reply...

  • Anonymous

Gaga, 11 Nov 2010Hi! please answer me, how does it plays music? how long battery work? it plays music via spkrs.

  • Puneet

Please Tell me tata docomo Internet setting which work on this phone. I received setting from tata docomo but internet application still don't work

  • Jurasic02

The battery lasts for about 4-5 days, with bluetooth turned on all the time, which drains power like crazy. Charging time is quite long about 3 hrs. But it's a good compromise since a full charge can get you to 5 days. USB on the go support is a definite plus but if you transfer music or set the charging profile to use more power like lights turned on all the time and so on than i wish you good luck in charging the phone in 36 hrs. It's great that i can use other adapters to charge it like all the phones that share micro-usb port to charge as my Motorola E8 does. Charging off the computer usb is the fastest way to charge the phone if you're not interacting with it in any way other than charge. Phone menu is fast enough, messages take a long time to load up especially if you go back to the old inbox style and don't wish to use conversations like i did.
The mirror layer under the keypad buttons is great because it gives you good legibility before the lights are active. The back cover while looking great (aluminum) is a bit wobbly but just a tiny bit :). Even if the phone is made almost entirely of plastic the material quality is pretty good but the design looks cheap, especially because of the glossy sides and back plastic which has nothing to do with the front side of the phone which is just shiny black. Also the side buttons plastic wise could have been better, the color says: dirty cheap. However i have to say that it's a good thing that the connection of the detachable slot covers are made of good rubber so you won't have to deal with braking plastic and lose the cover like in earlier models.
The display view angle is a bit tricky you have to look from the right to see a clear picture, otherwise viewing angle is a bit messed up. Probably designed like your low - end lcd, you have to look down on it or you see a dark picture. If there's one thing i hate about Nokia phones that would be it. the 256 k display is way below what motorola offers or sony - erricson for the same specs. the equivalent in clarity and viewing angle is nokia 16 million - sony - erricson/ motorola/ samsung - 256 k.
I'm satisfied by the 5 mp camera, but night time or low light ambient photos aren't that good. Personally i think a good 3.15 mp camera on a phone with good functions such as a good led or dual led flash and autofocus is enough for a phone if it's well built. There's no comparison between what sonyerricson and motorola does for that amount of MP.
Radio FM build in antenna isn't as good as using the head phones on other models but it does the job.
It would also be nice if nokia used matching color leds to light up the keypad. For instance mine is red on black, and it would be cool to have a red illuminated keypad or a blue or white one for a blue on white phone.
Call history is quite ok and comprehensive, the great think about this phone is that all the elements of the menu are smooth and big so you have no problem with reading them, and are pleasant to the eye. One thing i don't like is that some elements of the OS are on a gray background which doesn't integrate too well with the general aspect of the OS interface.
3,5 mm jack is a great feature on any phone, just plug in whatever headphones you like and you're good to go, the offered in ear headphones is a wired hands free but audio is great for listening to music and good build quality too. the only drawback i can see is that while you are plugged in with these particular headphones is that you can'd adjust the volume while plugged in. But with other headphones it works great.
The best thing about nokia phones is PC support. I love OVI suite and it's cool to write sms messages from the keyboard instead of the phone's keypad which in this model isn't too great for writing text. If you're near your computer all the time and you just leave your BT turned on on your PC and phone, as soon as you are near the PC the phone connects automatically and you can do all kinds of stuff, unlike other models from other brands where you have to buy the PC software and not only that but you have limited functions on BT.
I was impressed by the processing capabilities in terms of video playback because after converting a 700 mb movie to the 460 mb gp version i could watch it with great quality and sound on this model.
Overall it's a good phone, I've just had it for 2 months now and i can't say any more, i just hope it will last more than my previous nokia 5310 which only lasted for about 10 months until all kinds of problems started to appear like display cover glue leaking or contact foil going bad and so on. These days with renewing subscription plans and technolology moving forward it's pointelss for a mid range phone to be built out of expensive materials or last 5 years or more, but if i get 2-3 years out of this phone it should be ok.
I got this phone mostly for music and menu speed, not interested in much else.
So it's like this: RPO'S:
- good menu & good menu speed
- good processor
- good software support
- good sound
- decent built quality
- decent camera overall.
- 3.5 mm jack
- good bluetooth and usb connectivity
- lightweight
- torch function from led flash
- good stereo music sound
- good call quality sound fidelity
- camera lens plastic is protected by design

- poor display but it's a nokia standard for 256 k
- call sound is not loud when you need it.
- large buttons that get pressed easily by accident especially the camera button.
- you can easily scratch surfaces with the embossed nokia logo on the back, like laptops and other shiny or plastic materials.
- no scratch resistant display surface.
- no wireless ( with this phone a g wireless interface would be awesome if you have a wireless router in the house).
- no included usb cable, but easy to find in an electronics store.

  • Swetha

Hak, 10 Nov 2010thanx alot man.did as u said nd ovi suite updated it to v4.90. r... moreCould you plz tell me how to update S 4.9 version?

  • finiljophila

battery is poor. easily drained

  • santosh

I have bought this set I found Battery Back-up is too low

  • dev

i'm trying to download some software, bt x2 showing cannection lost. Its working only for da ovi. anybody pls hlp me..

  • yash sagar

suhana, 11 Nov 2010hey yash post that it gives 27 hrs music play is it real??????pl... morehi suhana 27 hr music will paly on stand by(headphones)