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Nokia X2-00

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  • Deb

is the BL-4C and BL-5C are same ??? i mean to say...for better battery backup and standbye time..can i use a original NOKIA BL-5C battery in this X2 ??? plzzz hel amd answer me guys...thanks a lot.........

  • Dipak

If any1 want to buy this phone, than read this review carefully.
Don't mind any opinion. they are nokia lovers or nokia haters !
I bought this phone on 02-11-2010. this is my 13th phone. I used sony ericsson(1), motorola(1), samsung(1), intex(1), Nokia(9).
In hands, X2 looks very nice, light and impressive
Build guality is good. (not best)
Sound quality(PHONE SPEAKER) is loud(not louder than 6233), clear, good treble effect but low bass effect
loud ring tone (not very very loud)
Nokia provid in-ear type head set. its long life. good sound but not like sony eric(bass effect)
Display(2.2inches)- difficult 2 view from side( colour changed) its 18bit(should be 24 bit like 6303i)
camera- Your captured picture can be print in 6X4 photo print looks nice. but not in big size. its 20% better than 6303i or equal 2 samsung 3MP camera.
Flash is powerfull. it can be use as torch.
msg can display by number(all msg togather of 1 sender). its new in s40.
FM signal good. FM is louder than mp3.

Now u decide.... ! BUY OR NOT. I CAN'T SAY...
If any question u can ask...
BYE !!!

  • guru

hi i"m planing to buy tis phone on jan how its working it have any software problem

  • Nokia lover

Rijaul, 06 Nov 2010Do you know about sonyEricssonYes,
they are in 3rd no. of mobile selling brand in India. And Nokia is no. 1.

  • Anonymous

I just want to get one thing straight. If I use a 1gb kingston memory card instead of the supplied one, will I still face any hanging problems?

  • nah

sam linson, 06 Nov 2010Can i use BL-5C battery in nokia x2,,pls anyone tel meu cant
i tried ..
the battery will work but it doesnt fit in..
bl-5c is thicker than bl-4c. :(
u can try using it but the back cover wont fit..

  • sam linson

Can i use BL-5C battery in nokia x2,,pls anyone tel me

  • Rijaul

Nokia lover, 05 Nov 2010Hey this is not sony ericsson's blog.Go to sony ericsson's blog... moreDo you know about sonyEricsson


To All Nokia X2 Gallery Sufferers!!!

I bought my NOKIA X2 over the weekend, and the problem of Hiding my files from the Gallery view has plagued me ever since I held this phone in my hand...

The Gallery is excellent for certain things, and I quite like the slide show feature in it..but its total inability to differentiate between what you need to view and what you don't, is a real pain to put it mildly... whoever designed it should be shot!!!

The Nokia X2 runs under S40 6th Edition, which does not allow the user to hide items on the gallery or file manager. :(

good answers will get full pts :

  • Deekshu

Hey guys the phn is superb nd its born for music.... But not satisfied with camera... 1.3 mp camera is much better dan this...

  • sam linson

can i use BL-5C battery in nokia x2,,pls anyone tel me

  • saf

look is too bad

  • gary

hey i have been using this phone since 2 months and its the worst phone in my life.. Its battery dies in no time and it takes ages to charge.. Latest firmware is even worse as phone has started to crash even lot more.. Its camera is worse than a 1.3 mp camera.. Screen viewing angles are pathetic .. My eyes start watering within 5 mins of using it.. In landscape mode its fine.. Music is good but voice bursts at high levels.. Totally waste of money.. I ll sell it in a few days.. Curse u nokia for spoiling my money..

  • Nokia lover

bumrock_06, 05 Nov 2010Hey Guys?.. I have this phone last 3 months ago. All of my expec... moreHey
this is not sony ericsson's blog.Go to sony ericsson's blog and ur suggestion over there.

  • NicK

bumrock_06, 05 Nov 2010Hey Guys?.. I have this phone last 3 months ago. All of my expec... moreDude luk at da price too... SE 770 is 10,000 bucks.! ppl like me cant afford that..!! :P

  • NicK

it seems to be a copy of Sony Ericsson W902.. with less set of features and lower price..!! W902 in one hand is superb fone but price is around Rs. 10000.. dont forget to check that too...! but in my opinion X2 is not at all bad... as compared to its price.!!

  • bumrock_06

Hey Guys?.. I have this phone last 3 months ago. All of my expectation to nokia were all gone. This phone is really a worst phone. Better to put 1.3 MP camera since its 5MP camera it very very poor. Guys PLEASE, if you dont want to regret or don't want to waste your money, well don't go for this one Nokia X2-00. Last week my nokia X2-00, i decided to swap it to SE K770. And i feel the comfort. The 3.2 MP camera with LED flash and having a cybershot technology amaze me! Thank you so much Sony Ericson. Start i'll be loyal to SE. Next month i am planning to buy Sony Ericsson J105 Naite. Something i missed on my Nokia X2-00 is MUSIC. But i love camera features... And Sony Ericson was born to produce the best camera phone ever!...

  • vishnu

any owner of this phone plz say is it really good

  • mandar

yes it is a nice phone but it can't work properly. When we take photo there is problem of extra light & extra whiteness occur in taken image due to rong position of flash. Also battery take very long time to charge.

  • classic

1t is very very best mobile. its camera, battery also good.