Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • dip8785

PLZ Nokia improove x2 & CHANGE "better" IN "BEST" ALSO change bettery & signal ICON.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Rs.6000/

  • lola

why cannot adjust de brightness?if can, how???

  • faraz

the only thing i found impressive is its fm radio due to inbuilt antena

  • dip8785

Compare 6303i and X2
Camera: x2 wins (not d best but more than 3.2mp)
music on speaker : x2 wins( 6303i is clear but low & poor bass)
music on ear phone: equal ( use philips earphone)
inbox earphone equipment: x2 had better (sony ericsson type)
bettery: 6303i wins
build material(body): 6303i
impressive look: 6303i wins (x2 has nice backside look)
handling speed( menu. surf contacts etc.): X2 is Little fast
Surf internet: equal
Screen: 6303i wins (24bit), (x2 has 18bit but better than 5130music express)
BUY 6303i if u don't want 2 print camera pics(not bad camera but not enough 4 printing), music on speaker is no matter, torch not needed.
BUY x2 if u love loud music speaker, little more camera quality, long battery not needed now.

  • Dip8785

50% solution 4 nokiax2's hanging problem. change company made 2GB m.card. use ur other m.card. check it. 50% ppl say yes, it works. nokia had given bad m.card that's d reson.
FINAL REVIEW:Impressive looks:6/10(chocolaty look:9/10), mousic on earphone:9/10, phone speaker(sound quality:8/10, loudness:9/10), Features:6/10(can't xpect more with S40),Screen depth:7/10(u can read in sun-lite), Internet on phone: 8/10(net speed very good, same page like PC but 240X320 screen size not enough),YES...CAMERA: 6.5/10 compare 2 best 5mp resolution (if company says its 3.2mp than 10/10, it's 5mp avarage++ camera, compare 2 other nokia 5mp phones camera earn 8/10, but compare 2 samsung 7/10), battery 7/10(15-20 calls per day, 4-5 photos/day, no other use 3.5 days, + listening music normaly its 2 days, more charging time), I STONGALY SUGGEST NOKIA LOVERS, BUY X2 AFTER NOKIA IMPROOVE SOFTWARE VERSION AND PRICE DROP 5100INR. thanks 4 read. Give reply d'at m.card replacement works 4 "U". Bye. T.C.

  • Anonymous

help mee..
see this vid and respond this here ..
this is ma phone ..
the video is recoreded frm ma phn ..
sftwr version is v4.80 too
nthin good :(

  • modi sarkar

help mee..
see this vid and reapond this here ..
this is ma phone ..
the video is recoreded frm ma phn ..
sftwr version is v4.80 too
nthin good :(

  • daddy

nice camera,xpected better keys,so improve nokia!

  • Basavaraj

Bown, 17 Sep 2010I bougt x2 yestrday nd im lovin quality is realy im... moreI brought it a week before and there are many problems in this phone : -

1) Hanging
2) Contacts does not work
3) Signal problem
4) Long Battry Charging


Guys i would prefer NOKIA 5130 on this fone.
Except 5 MP camera, there is nothing charming in this fone.
Talk time is not 13.5 hours. It is only 4 to 5 hours.

  • justin

very bad soft ware problem on x2.... to bad

  • deb

Pankaj, 18 Sep 2010It's an awesome phone. I liked the s40 6th edition interface ver... morecan u pls tell me how much time does it consumed to update nokia x2 system software v4.80.
also tell me the size of nokia x2 new system software v4.80 which will be dwnlod through nokia software updater.
and thanks for informing us d solution of getting rid of those frequent restart and lots of hang in nokia x2.

  • Pankaj

X2 user, 17 Sep 2010I bought this x2 last week. My expeience with the phone is bad. ... moreI faced the same problem bro. Just reinstall v4.80 from nokia software updater it'll work at a jet speed :)

  • Pankaj

pramod, 18 Sep 2010i just wanna know, does nokia x2 has got metal or plastic body &... moreIt has very stylish metal body and yes with a long press on(*) you can use flash as a very bright torch.

  • Pankaj

It's an awesome phone. I liked the s40 6th edition interface very well. It's awesome speakers for music.

At first it kept restarting with only 2gb memory card but then I reinstalled v4.80 with Nokia Software Updater and it's running smoothly with a 8gb memory card.

Yet I'm not sure about battery time yet cos since I bought it, I used 5130Xpressmusic's battery in it. Which is enough for 3.5 to 4 hours of gprs and game play. "ll soon give you it's battery specs.

  • sagar

ankit singh, 17 Sep 2010nokia x2 is like a unbranded china mobile with lable of no-kia..... moreis it good or bad 2 take that nokia X2 mobile pls...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2010i bougt this phone and returned it back to the dealer because it... moreis it not working really proparly? wy i am asking beacuse i want to buy this mobile

  • pramod

i just wanna know, does nokia x2 has got metal or plastic body & can v use flash light as torch light....pls reply asap..

  • Riyaz Madappally

Nokia is always making same product in different shapes.Even 2690 to x2 all are same.On the other hand Samsung is doing better business by launching good products.Symbian 5 is another failed OS after s40.What Nokia better is symbian 3 on E71,N73,N95,N73 etc.