Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • indieover

seems a very good phone. i wonder how much it will cost when it is released here in the philippines. if it will cost only about 6,000 or 7,000 pesos then i will buy this one for its 5 MP cam. i hope that the picture quality is really awesome. i really don't care about gps, web browsing, internet, map and etc. but i like radio, radio recording, video recording , hope all those i am looking for will be on this hopefully affordable but awesome phone.

  • AgentK

Good Phone for good Price

  • Hiro

It sure looks like Sony Ericsson ELM...same design, almost same specs:) Nokia:))

  • Anonymous

fail due to low battery

  • Rotanguli

Looks neat. Looks like a a richer sibling of 5130XM, with a 5mp cam. Should have had WiFi.

  • Tanvir

What the.......X2 doesn't have any wifi neither 3g.
what happend the more modern phone releases with less specifications why?

  • hp81818181

If GPS is in...

  • eye-tech

good phone with its 5mp cam.. but it should come with WLAN..

  • knok

if 3g was there................

  • mmd

why does nokia go on sonyericsson way?!!!! copy the name X (Xperia) ?!!! copy the C (cyber shod ) and copy the N8 from Aino !!!!!!
it's shame!!!!

  • hp93868686

Able to download google maps into X2?

  • jay

the design is similar to sony ericson's w902.

  • Niraj

KLPD, 29 Apr 2010if price is really around Rs.6,000 in India then its Hit in Indi... morePrice will be 5,500 rupees in india. It also got dual stereo speakers ( This phone has 4 speakers)..

  • KLPD

if price is really around Rs.6,000 in India then its Hit in India! Simple & nice with good talk time, stereo speakers & 5 MP camera with flash. its Rocking if comes below 6,000 rupees

  • Akash from nepal

Niraj, 29 Apr 2010Price is only rs 5,000 (85 euro) in India.Nepali prices is rs.8,000 lol

  • Anonymous

quite affordable x-series

  • Akash from nepal

Nokia x2 prices in india rs.5,000


nice chaep handset..... wonder y they launched it.. ven its the age of .. satios ,, vivaz,, i phones.. and 16Mp camera's

  • Niraj

Price is only rs 5,000 (85 euro) in India.