Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • praps

x2 is a superb phone! i jus luv to use it! its picture quality is simply awsme!

  • rovic

nokia x2 is great. but when i download a file it take time to download it. how can i upgrade my nokia x2 ??? anyone ?

  • hills

Can we dOwnlOad whatsapp on the X2??

  • james

can this phone run whatsapp?

  • AnonD-62727

can i download some application like WhatsApp in this phone coz i wanna use it . . . soon as possible

  • sudheer

I have a bitter experience with Nokia X2-00.
1) I dont think it is giving 5 mega pixel quality images.
2) Some times it is hanging.
3) Speakers has gone in 6 months but loud speakers for listening music are working well
4) Display has gone in one year

  • Armaan

Im going to buy nokia x2. How is battery backup of this phone? N how is picture of camera? Opera mini will work in this phone or not?

  • farid pmk

its very smart phone, i use it within 6 month. খুব ভাল লেগে&­;#2459;ে

  • buzybazz

i have used x2 and still using. To be frank geting to 1 and half years now, i dont have any problem. Downloading apps is very easy when using ovi etc. Batery durability exellent, browsing exellent. I love dis phone. Dont know much abt x3

  • khurram shahid

x2 00 is very good phone i have baught this in 27 01 2012 now i m using this phone god style best camera

  • don

Ragavendra, 09 Jul 2012Only the design , Camera & MP3 quality is good. But i'm faci... moreYeah. You're right. It's almost hanging. Whatever we restart it, it's shows a trouble. Internet is death slow. Some of the apps are not taken. Simply youtube connection lost when buffering.

  • Jeesan

Just bought the phone today. Overall its okay, but I had a Nokia C5-00 earlier which got stolen and after using that for so many days, this phone isn't spectacular. What I am seriously disappointed about is the camera quality, it say 5MP but its not even as good as 3.2MP on my previous phone! I didn't expect this from Nokia! Btw, does the photo quality improve after removing the blue protective cover slip on the lens?

  • Anonymous

i m usng ths phone nokia x2 frm 1year it is excellent phone it is very simple to use nd battery packup nice but not so,gud net connectivity,camera guality, videa player,music system etc all r excellent very nice phone......

  • Anonymous

mangesh, 09 Jul 2012i am using nokia x2 from 1And half is the good SIMPLE US... moreThere is no clarity of pictures and doesn't get speed for net.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-61989, 06 Jul 2012whether I can see you tube in this phone or not, if not any supp... moreVery good with very well supported for youtube without buffering.

  • Ragavendra

Only the design , Camera & MP3 quality is good. But i'm facing hanging problem with X2. Useless for this price.

  • mangesh

i am using nokia x2 from 1And half is the good SIMPLE USER PHONE in all manne with OK price.nothing is extraordinary but good. The most biggest problem is battery backup of its 860 maph bl4c,it so poor.but take new battery bl 5c will gives back up suddenly 5 hours.

  • mat

my mom have a microSD problem while using this phone. Including the last one, she already faced 4 problems on microSD.. To put it simple, this phone is much like an immunosuppressed person. How ironic..

  • Anonymous

I like nokia x2-00 body style and its side keys , internet speed and you tube vids , camera 5mp including LED flash but only defect was it has 4 speakers,out of that only 2 speakers are working. I don't know what was the problem?

  • Anonymous

Battery timing is very poor and memory card not work properly it hang the software of mobile phone