Nokia X2-02

Nokia X2-02

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  • Anonymous
  • fnc
  • 14 Nov 2019

Unfortunately facebook app is no longer supported nowadays :-(

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    • Hamraj
    • fCZ
    • 28 Oct 2019

    Anonymous, 10 Sep 2013i have no internet optionn inn this mobilego to and click java and then jar now you have uc browser enjoy

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      • sharzzy
      • fm$
      • 22 Aug 2019

      how can i change my ringtone

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        • Makara makara
        • NYh
        • 13 Aug 2019

        Anonymous, 19 Mar 2012Does whatsapp work on this?? Please let me know....planning... moreThe x2 02 good all the time

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          • Prof
          • Nue
          • 30 Jun 2019

          Anonymous, 02 Sep 2014I want to know how can I install whatsapp in my mobile nok... moreI don't have money to buy android phone help me i have only Nokia x2

            Elvis, 09 Nov 2018I want nokia x2 02 can't i get it nwLook at some other phones (such as the Nokia X2-00)

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              • Anonymous
              • YQ5
              • 04 Jan 2019

              Anonymous, 07 Nov 2014plz any body send me a link to download whats app on my nok...

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                • Elvis
                • rr4
                • 09 Nov 2018

                Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018I was moving from my X1-01 to this phone and it was great f... moreI want nokia x2 02 can't i get it nw

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                  • Anonymous
                  • PVW
                  • 14 Oct 2018

                  I was moving from my X1-01 to this phone and it was great for me. The speaker was quite loud for me at that time, the battery life is quite good, feels comfortable to handle especially to type with one hand, and easy access to music and radio that can play without plugging earphones first.
                  But, as I was using it, the phone lagged some times (doesn't respond to anything till the lights off) and suddenly blinked and get back to normal. The USB port is good for transferring files but I really hope it can be used as another option for charging this device. As the time flies, my X2-02 is 6 years old now, and I think it's fair for the keypad to getting hard to press, the side buttons are hard to press, especially as my phone has been dropped so many times, as I have been dropped it to make it broken so I can get another newer and more sophisticated phone but it just get the screen protector cracked, no more.
                  Well, now I'm enjoying this phone until now as my second daily driver as my android phone battery drains too fast compared to this phone hahaha.
                  So, Nokia, please make phone like this, but at least with X2-00 specifications (5MP camera with flash-autofocus too, please!-, more advanced music button, radio without earphones) and wifi and LTE so I can use it as my second daily driver and modem as I'm looking for a compact phone and your banana phone can't attract me that much, except you're making a flip phone.

                    Nokia really should have never released this phone. The Nokia X2-00 was better AND cheaper!

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                      • Akash Singh
                      • fCP
                      • 27 Jul 2018

                      My phone Nokia x2 02 Not working Sim

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                        • AnonD-716026
                        • mKJ
                        • 11 May 2018

                        I really hope this phone isn't as popular as the Nokia X2-00

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                          • Anonymous
                          • tYV
                          • 12 Apr 2018

                          nuzrathasrij, 22 Nov 2013I want Whatsapp application for my Nokia x2 02 phone. Made ... morerm 694

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                            • Ashik
                            • D0g
                            • 11 Feb 2018

                            My sentiment mobile phone Nokia x2-02
                            I love it

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                              • Inan
                              • YQM
                              • 08 Feb 2018

                              How can i download dj mixer

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                                • Lucky
                                • Xuw
                                • 26 Nov 2017

                                Please heip! Which version of uc browser suitable is suitable for x2 02

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                                  • AnonD-710029
                                  • bEV
                                  • 23 Oct 2017

                                  One of my favorite phone..

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                                    • Dc
                                    • rK}
                                    • 21 Oct 2017

                                    I can't download anything on my nokia x2-02, it always paused by itself plzz help

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                                      • AnonD-161875
                                      • uW%
                                      • 14 Oct 2017

                                      Buddy message ae sent the usual way

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                                        • sikandar
                                        • 6Pk
                                        • 03 Aug 2017

                                        may be anyone authorized concern will take action and note the sugestion to nokia to bring this same mobile newly in 2017 modles with camera flash light and same shapes......