Nokia X3

Nokia X3

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  • Anonymous


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mmmmmmmm nice try but not good. go for n900 its worth buying it.

  • joeyboy

nice design..

  • elattar

ugliest phone ever ,,,,bad specifications ,,,why they are doing this ..... and by the way nokia prices are horrible ,,,,,,

  • Popocatepetl

I even like 256K colours for me (strongest battery).
But WHYYYYY S40? Whyyyy?

  • jay

now they started to name their express music phones to "x"

  • Anonymous

256k color????

  • Anonymous

do you feel familiar with this x3 ?
i strongly believe it is an nokia 5330 XM
its design are almost the same . And the spec and onboard memory are the same

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson released x1 & x2
now nokia have released x3 & x6 you thieves i think you r not even market in the line of selling mobile phone

  • rahul

its a good looking phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2009i think Nokia is replacing X3 with 5330 since 5330 have... moreyeh .i also think so that.

  • Anonymous

i think Nokia is replacing X3 with 5330

since 5330 have been removed from all of the nokia website

since this phone looks similar n better than 5330

  • rap25

IMO, X3 is to reflect XpressMusic's 5610.

  • Mobilemaster

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2009what!!! Only 2.2" screen?!Yeah, this is a low-end phone.

  • John

What is the point of this device and N5330? They are latest releases and most likely poor sellers. Why Nokia?

  • Anonymous

It's ladies phone.

  • Arron

dont like the look of it... not high enought spec for me to buy any way but another low end phone with long music playback

  • Anonymous

1st @ last :)

Nice phone, but leaks flash :(

  • Anonymous

what!!! Only 2.2" screen?!