Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2011Could anyone tell me whether this mobile supports voip calls...?skype nimbuzz friNg imichat ..>

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2011!!!!!!!!! Does it have stereo speakers ? Is it loud ? Does i... moreall nokia phones have good speakers :) so don't worry

  • Palash

plz do not buy dis phone..
As dis phone vl nt give u resale value...

  • Anonymous

!!!!!!!!! Does it have stereo speakers ? Is it loud ? Does it have good bass ? Where can i buy it ? PLZ REPLY. !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

it is Amazing

  • Anonymous

Could anyone tell me whether this mobile supports voip calls...?

  • AnonD-1871

how many SPEAKERS does x5 have actually? i'm a X5 user, my left speaker isn't working. anyone knows?

  • syazey

i've been using it for almost 3 weeks..
awesome..eventhough the qualty of the cam is bad but i dun really mind bout it as i'm not into taking pics..
easy to in surfing the intrnet especially the facebook n email.

  • =Confused.

Is the Nokia x5-01 really as bad as the comments below stating tt the camera isnt 5 mp etc? Cos im thinking whether to get one...


hey every noob, why my x5-01 left speaker no sound at all? can help me!!!!!!!!!~~~???

  • Anonymous

does da x5 hav flashplayer, 2 watch videor on da internet?

  • ashley

does this phone has a camera in front ?? cuz i always does video call ... pls advice on the photo's and video as well ??? plss .. its so cute but still considerate shud i get one ???

  • Anonymous

Can someone please tell me if the Nokia X5 has good reception in the Buderim area QLD, I know it hasn't the blue tick.

  • zestyrain

can anyone tell me pls, is there any option to change the voice which narrate the name of the incoming call??

  • blake

Kaizer, 09 Feb 2011I greatly enjoyed using this mobile...the mobile is not unique n... morebtw u mentioned the phone has nokia's latest tech's tech is alteast a year behind motorola , samsung nd even sum LG phones .

Nokia is an embarresment , they shud b moto or samsung phones and sell them as their phone .
theyy cud have been great , they were great bt messed it all up .

  • Kaizer

I greatly enjoyed using this mobile...the mobile is not unique neither it has uncommon features nor it can be matched with latest technologies that Nokia come up with in many sets but having said this I would say it touch many hearts since it's price is cheap and have relatively good features and it's Cool

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks
bad camera quality nd bad screen resolution
the only good thing about it is its internet speed

  • anonymous

its a bad phone..i bought it in nov.n its a complete shit...bad camera,voice not audible while on call,my music player gets silent at times without any voice,i just hate it,i wasted my pocket money on it..nw m taking it as a waste n again gonna buy a cheap phone..corby mate which will atleast provide a nyc audible features..dont buy it a complete waste of starts hanging within few days,then u have to take out its battery and again place it


i have nokia x5. i never like this phone to any one. becouse it cant answer the calls and make a call with out open the slider.

  • w2d

it's truly cool!!!