Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

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  • gemini

please make x6 with slot

  • wew

why x6 32gb come first, then down to 16gb and coming soon the 8gb? so after many years? x6 1gb? lolz

  • medo

guys you noticed that the talk time is 11h 2g and the original x6 is 8h30m

  • Naya KU

gud specs 4 good price mite be da nxt 5800.. dis design z much bettr dan da previous bulky 5800 casing, capacitive touch z a plus jst wish it had memory card slot..

  • Epetz

another X6,But It 8GB.

  • PonQzz

What this is all about?? i could get Huawei with great specs and friendly price... so you do the math!

  • zebracrossing

Yet another announcement!!
Yet another phone!!
Yet another lack of Release Dates!!

Maybe this will feature in Jan 2011...

Nokia does everything Gr8, except plain shitty marketing

  • Anonymous

No memory card slot!

  • Anonymous

the only reason i didn't get X6 was price, but this looks pretty good

  • raj1402

it just an upgrade(replacement) to nokia 5800

got 5 meg pixel cam,
capacitive touch screen

  • Anonymous

certainly a wise decision to launch X6 in 8GB. This phone will be low in price and might replace 5800 (I guess X6 8GB would be priced at what 5800s price is today).

  • naw

lol. now i really can't make my mind whether x6 8GB/16GB or nokia C6..

  • Anonymous

hmm....first is 32gb, then 16gb, now 8gb, so next? 4gb?

  • cellpholic

wow, i like it. I still have my e63 and 5800 but i'm gonna buy this one ü when will it be available in the philippines???

  • Mr. Reddy

What a Phone.... verry verry speed updates new version's... it' looks like a i-phone 8gb