Nokia X6 and LG GD510 Pop go pink for Valentine's Day

26 January, 2010

Okay class, pick up your painting palettes and your coloring books - we're going to paint your favorite mobile phone in a new color. Let's start with the Nokia X6, then the LG GD510 Pop. Since Valentineís Day is coming, letís make both phones pink. Much better.

Ok, now serious. You might have heard rumors of a Nokia X6 without Comes With Music and that it will have 16GB internal storage instead of 32GB. More information has surfaced that supports that rumor and adds a few details.

It will be available in new colors - Pink on White as well as Black on Black - to go with the Red on Black and Blue on Black currently available for the 32GB version of the Nokia X6. According to Eldar Murtazin the 16GB version will be 100 euro cheaper than the 32GB version but you will be losing the WH-500 headphones in addition to the Comes With Music subscription.

The expected release date for the 16GB Nokia X6 is somewhere in the second half of February.

Update: The 16GB version of the Nokia X6 is official. Itís confirmed that it doesnít have Comes With Music and it will be available in all black, all white, Pink on White and Yellow on White. The Nokia X6 16GB will come with the new Ovi Maps with free voice-guided drive and walk navigation and Michelin and Lonely Planet guides.

Official Nokia X6 16GB photos Official Nokia X6 16GB photos Official Nokia X6 16GB photos
Official Nokia X6 16GB photos

The Nokia X6 16GB will be available this quarter. Instead with the WH-500 headphones the X6 16GB will come with a pair of the much cheaper WH-701. Thereís still no word on the price though.

The LG GD510 Pop is also going chameleon with a few new colors. Some of those colors we've seen before but there are a few new ones too. Here's the lineup of the five available color versions:

Yep, there's a pink LG GD510 Pop but LG didn't give a specific date for when the new colors will be available. There's still time to Valentine's Day but not much, allowing for delivery.