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  • Rohit

Hi ,
I have purchased today Nokia Xl Awesome phone ..... but one problem i hv installed whatsapp by third party it was installd but when i opened it shows this device is not supported .... but when someone send me msg on whatsapp via that msg whatsapp onpen ...please help me what is the problem...???

  • Prince

AnonD-265475, 29 May 2014First thing first, IT DOES SUPPORT WHATSAPP. YES IT DOES!!! All ... moredear i had this problem. then i uninstall the whatsapp then re-install it from mobigenie store.
problem solved.
now i have full access op whatsapp.

  • Riya

saNdy coOl, 29 May 2014goOd choice riyaYes

  • exp

Hangout not supporting. unit must be rooted to get it working, youtube app also the same

  • subha

Riya, 29 May 2014I thinking for orange or cyani want cyan!!

  • golamhossain

Nabeen, 29 May 2014Guys anybody pls suggedt me.. Iam planning to get smartphone.. ... moreu can buy nokia xl all side is ok but download problem. i dont may be have another side download. just i have buy this xl nokia

  • percy

hw abt walpapr,dear nokia fan frnd

  • golamhossain

AnonD-265475, 29 May 2014First thing first, IT DOES SUPPORT WHATSAPP. YES IT DOES!!! All ... morepls u can tell me how i do the download any video film

  • sandy

nice phone & its my budget

  • jay

is this available already in the Philippines? :D thanks.

  • Chatak

I appreciate it. Nice & we need this type of handset but with cheapest price

  • user

give me a advice.which device is best? nokia xl or sony xperia m

  • yazipk

In this price range This is a very good phone.
This is light OS, So not consume heavy power or RAM.
No blsht Notifications like google play store.
Update latest Firmeware.
MAPS+ voice nav.
Install Go launcher from nokia store.
Install 1Mobilemarket.
Then download Whats app, update Skype, Line ETC.
Go locker+ sense theme then you can also use vol key to wake up mobile.
Now Your mobile is same as original Android.
UI is more stable then galaxy S4.

  • Kannan

This was nice phone hd video suppord and games move to sd card whatsapp,wechat,line,skype support front camara is so good in hd fastline very good. Price just 10,500 only

  • Pravin

i am confuse buy or nokia XL????????
Pls suggest me urgent....

farrukh, 29 May 2014m looking for nokia X, nokia XL, but the problem is that i heard... moreThank you for your comment. So, which feature phone do you recommend us to buy, apart from That?

  • AnonD-265475

First thing first, IT DOES SUPPORT WHATSAPP. YES IT DOES!!! All you need to do is -- download an .apk file install it. After installation and going through all the formalities, it will show you a message -- "Your device does not support whatsapp". DO NOT PANIC...Go back to your widget, select any contact to want to chat with on whatsapp...EASY, there you go, you can chat with whatsapp...

  • AnonD-83821

Sanju, 29 May 2014Which is better? X+ or xl?xl of course.

  • Amy

aayush, 29 May 2014i hv buyed this phone last week and i m really satisfied, it nev... moreIs this phn supports whatsapp???

  • Vijay

Can we download apps and games directly to micro sd card in this phone?