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  • Ahmad

Im using this phone last six months
First off all it's got stuck and so slow
2Nd one isimm still not abletuu use Google play services

Other wise all ok
Im giving it 100/40........

  • Anonymus.

My Nokia XL has been playing up. Whenever i try to download a file or post a instagram photo. It either says, your SD card is full when i have 14.38GB storage avail. Or it just says FAIL. Can someone pls help this really sucks. THANKS!

  • Anonymous

sandy, 16 Jun 2015We are not able to use Google play storeHi, Sandy i do too find that very, um boring because they said that it has an Android system, but you can also use 1 mobilemarket you know? Its something like google play. But, its just a bit different. Nokia Store sucks dont use that.

  • anonymous

anonymous, 18 Jun 2015I have been using Nokia XL for long time and I am glad that I h... moreanonymous, try to go to the settings go to display, press sleep, then press never. Or maybe your phones just playing up! Do go and try to ask someone to repair it :) hope that helps you! Quick way to turn of ur 3G is to pull down from the top screen and press the 3 button. to the right.

  • Anonymous

Good camera, but worst video. Performance is mediocre, but one thing that makes it worst is its internal storage, and the lack of moving apps to the SD card.

  • Yasin

I want to use only 3g not 2g in my xl so what to do in settings plz help friends

  • gokul vicky

AnonD-400641, 29 May 2015Guys. I am here to give conclusions about something.....please ... moreExcuse me r u saying the truth
Google play store supports in ur mobile how to do it ....whether I want to root my me frds

  • Amy

Hi guys, I've been using this phone for more than 10 months now .. I successfully installed most of the android apps (whatsapp too) .. plays almost evry video.. problems I faced using this phone is that I couldnt find any inbuilt file manager and voice recorder... (can any1 help me with that?)..
Battery is good.. camera qualty is bad...

  • anonymous

I have been using Nokia XL for long time and I am glad that I had no complaints about it until recently... Everytime I switch off my phone the WiFi and the mobile data automatically turns on which extremely pisses me off... and then when I listen to music, and my screen goes to sleep... the music stops playing... and I have noticed this when using earphones. Someone please help me out... I really need your help!

  • Anonymous, 10 Jun 2015Anonymous m really sorry dear for the late reply .. so for rooti... moreTy :)

  • Anonymous

vn reddy, 09 Jun 2015i am using this mobile for 10 months.applications running slowly... moreHow to record? There is no such option.. and how to go to file manager?

  • Anonymous

MASULA RAJU MUDHIRAJ, 10 Jun 2015I am already updated to first update your phone you'll g... moreBro I cant find new update.. why?

  • sandy

nokia hater, 12 Jun 2015This is the worst phone that I have use. It is android but do no... moreWe are not able to use Google play store

  • Raj

You can download whats app via MoboMarket application. Its like nokia store. Just download MoboMarket first and then download Whatsapp application. Also you will receive all updates regularly. Its worth buying this handset as most of the features are available in this handset and Nokia is a popular brand.

  • Anonymous

Hitesh, 26 May 2015I think nokia xl is the worst phone by nokia. To stay with their... moreBut whatsapp does work on this device...the worse thing is u cnt download snapchat :(

  • Farad

nokia hater, 12 Jun 2015This is the worst phone that I have use. It is android but do no... moreI have no comment,because I haven't used it (I haven't got one).
Is it really worth to buy one instead of I phone or LG or Samsung?

  • gavi

Nokia xl is waste getting bore

  • Shobuj

siddhu, 11 Jun 2015should i buy this second hand piece ???? plz tell urgnt what... moreNever buy this phone...This phone is very slow...Never Gets 100% charge,The charging stops in 99%,It has no Battery Percentage Meter...It haven't any home key,haven't Any notification Status bar,Don't have the selfie Timer...And many more

  • MJ

Kannan, 09 Jun 2015can anyone help how to install google apps like play store and g... morei don't know why you want to use google maps when you can download the map of your state and country and just with the support of navigation you woukd easily manage to go wherever you want to go


bj, 09 Jun 2015It had been 6 mnths since i bought this mobile its not working n... morehappened to mine, I did a factory reset during boot up and it got repaired, how to do it is, turn on your device and hold the up volume key immediately it comes on,don't wait for it to boot,just hold the up volume key immediately it comes on. It should be showing the nokia word/logo as usual,keep holding the up volume key until it shows a new window,scroll down and select factory reset and select yes and wait for it finish formatting and it will boot up on its own,all should be over in 20minutes. Would recommend changing the phone entirely because the problem would come again and you have to reset again,but after doing the factory reset for about 4 or 5 times,its never happened for more than a month,only bought this phone because it was my first time buying touch screen phones,thought it was good, hope the reset works.