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  • Anonymous

Helas!!!! its not like what iwant, i need a cellphone like nokia asha 303 i mean "touch and type" same design but hade android app system....

  • jam

Motorola Moto E 7,000

  • Anonymous

Nokia XL too costly it should have not been more than 10k

  • Anonymous

Nokia XL too costly it should have not been more than 10k

  • AnonD-253092

I just bought this phone 2 days ago the bright green one.
It's priced 148 JD in Jordan and its some way good, battery life is awesome and the sound is great and loud but has some disadvantages:

1. No profiles except silent and you must go to setting to change the ringtone instead of customizing one.
2. Whats app not supported and you can't open it directly, you can open a message then you can go to this app.
3. The music is somehow hangs a little in a period of time when listening by the headset.
4. Till this time no way to root Nokia XL so you can't install the play store or the Google launcher.
5. Video recorder can't record more than 30 minutes.
6. The Graphics in games like subway surfers is just as the word (POOR).
7. Limited options in here maps.

  • Rameez

Plz Let me knw about the performance of this Nokia XL? do this phone lag? and what about the touch quality of this phone? and do Subway Surfer works on Nokia XL??

  • cherry

Nokia xl have 5 mp camera but still u guys said that it have cheap camera quality...plz clear me

  • AnonD-87127

Nokia XL in stock now in India. Priced 11500.­l-in-stock-now-at-nokias-official-store-infibeam­-in-india/

  • AnonD-256421

GOLTIYA, 15 May 2014Is video calling availble in nokia xl smart phone? has 2mp front facing camera for video chat.


Is video calling availble in nokia xl smart phone?

  • AnonD-254778

yes i use this phone 2 days & finally sale out in 14000 because of its bad camera quality.i am from pakistan now i purchase lumia 620 much much better than xl

  • AnonD-83821

rake, 15 May 2014Pls has anybody bought dis phone,if yes,pls tell us ow it works ... more
average cam quality..

  • AnonD-256421

Zac, 14 May 2014Come on man.... Moto e has a sd card slot which is expendable u... moreOk...but what about the front facing camera???
Does secondary camera have importance ? Or not?

Now a days...secondary camera does have means a lot,
A smartphone without front facing camera means your phone without eyes.
Don't be blind...think about it.

  • rake

Pls has anybody bought dis phone,if yes,pls tell us ow it works and wat da camera quality is lyk

  • sumit

gh dubai, 14 May 2014did you guys me that nokia xl s not okay........please i want an... morenokia x, xplus valo.motorola moto e good?

  • dimple

does whatsapp works in this ?

  • AnonD-263917

Can whatsapp and bbm be downloaded in nokia XL

  • muthu

Now Nokia xl launch in India,,,available for the mobile store

  • AnonD-83821

guys if you really want a good phone from nokia always go for lumia phones. x series phone are meant to people who are beginners, so the price is less and the quality is also average like for example, nokia x says 3 mp camera but the quality of the pic is like vga camera, nokia xl says 5 mpx AF camera with flash but the quality of the pic is average. we cannot really blame nokia for this because they are meeting the demands of the market targeted.

i know lumia 520, 525 and recently released 630 dont have flash but the quality of the pic is much much better than asha series phones and x series phones.

  • AnonD-83821

gpj, 14 May 2014called nokia store in nigeria today. they say its available for ... morepls don't sell 520, its much better than x series.