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  • krm

Alex, 04 Mar 2014Which is good one X+ or XL ?Xl is good phone,,,,i am waiting camera both super

  • Jasur

Wow finally Nokia decided to go for are in right path...Now Nokia can get back to world top mobile phones again...

  • Zed Rx

yawar, 03 Mar 2014bro price is highWhat would u expect from a phone priced 10-11k
I bet that u won't find all such features in such a low price and with nokia built...
think about it...
it is just for the people who want every in low budget..then nokia is here to rock..
And if u hv more bucks then choose higher end phones don't keep whinning here..
Report me any phone with all such specs within 10k rs with a branded tag..

  • AnonD-4053

Why Nokia engineers, designers, etc etc are so ignorant or uneducated. The world is moving towards 1GB ram to 4GB ram. Nokia is starting to surprise market by 4 year late entry into Android market with 2 year old configuration. Has Nokia learnt lessons or not. How many more downfalls has it go to see to get wiped out or emerge as a winner again. Fire your current team and employ educated people. China can design much better units at much lower cost than Nokia. Good Luck Nokia...

  • AnonD-205537

Can I set live wallpaper on it?

  • AnonD-240769

Alex, 04 Mar 2014Which is good one X+ or XL ?nokia xl

  • AnonD-240769

nokia xl go

  • Anonymous

Once Nokia gets Rolling the first company that Will go down is Samsung.I mean You cant compare nokia's quality with something that is A piece of cheap plastic.

  • miki

So we can buy almost 5 nokia xl instead of 1 iphone 5 or samsung s5 ?

Pal, 04 Mar 2014Does it support 720p video playback....???Yes it does!

  • Pal

Does it support 720p video playback....???

  • AnonD-85167

nokia 756 ram = 1 gb of samsung so dont neeed to worry

  • akash

thanks to nokia corporation i hope nokia x,x+ and xl will be runing well in market. In my opinion if price will be low it will be take more market from other company .

  • AnonD-49711

Its challange to make good position in android market for nokia.

  • trojan

i think its a android integrated platform.its platform is Nokia x,so i think its not take more ram.this only releasing in developing countries.

  • Dillip prodhan

does it supports mkv hd video?????

  • laadgovernorLG

Actually waiting for Nokia to come up with android.. as i am a person only relied on Nokia ... and i am still with nokia .. as i owned nokia 3310, nokia 3110, nokia supernova 7210, nokia 5230, nokia C5, exchanged with nokia again and again .. now i feel nokia finally came up with android, so that i can still say with nokia..

  • Lashari

zik zak, 04 Mar 2014which one is best? nokia XL or moto GMotorola is far beeter option, if you want change i.e. long battery great calling, window style os then go for nokia XL. Play store is not a big deal for me specially, i always use 3rd party apps.

  • ali

Nokia should improve some features of XL to release another XL+ model handset with the followings:

RAM: 768MB to 1GB
Screen resolution: WXVGA to qHD or HD
ppi: 187 to more than 233
CPU: cortex A5 to cortex A7
GPU: Adreno203 to Adreno305
Video recording: 480p to 720p or 1080p
Battery: 2000mA to 2300mA

Budget: should be within 150 Euro. If Nokia can produce with these improvements then I think this XL+ will beat all of the low and mid range Handsets.

  • midnight vempire!

Kokia xd lol! ow! 5inch device using old processor n low ram law ppi density...haha just kidding....shuld provide perfect one around 25000k