Nokia XL

Nokia XL

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  • Bagu

AnonD-122106, 24 Feb 2014samsung market is going to get down. NOKIA is back.I hope with the nokia

  • AnonD-238281

Price of this phone may be around 9000 INR. But this is just the beginning. Nokia will occupy its 1st position again.

  • Sanky

Is this true........Nokia Launching a phone with Android OS.

  • joe

can anyone know whether i m able to install launchers like go launcher and different locks in nokia XL? PLZ REPLY....

  • ~::~AfsaR~::~

Mobile appearance is not good, otherwise good price and features.

  • appu

this is the first nokia annoncing android version and nokia win the raee from others phones and now all phones are down and nokia up....

  • AnonD-103438

Saum, 26 Feb 2014R u 100% sure about that.....??? That device doesn't support 720... moreno.. but the same processor is used in galaxy core,which does'nt support 720p hd videos

  • AnonD-238261

Great phone, I hope it is going to have lots of apps

  • AnonD-122065

Only 768mb ram?

  • AnonD-238260

hi guys that is true nokia launche first android phone

  • ALAM

NOKIA BACK WITH THE BANK...NOKIA XL Good mobile compaire to other mobile LIKE SAMSUNG,SONY N etc...but one GB RAM it shoud be in nokia XL But 780 MB.It's ok "slow study win the race".....

  • AnonD-226291

aj, 26 Feb 2014I am puzzled by nokia's choice of processor... Even their low-en... moreNokia lumia 525 & 520 use snapdragon S4 plus MSM8227 and not snapdragon 400!

  • Anonymous

Just waiting to buy.I think the battery backup will be better compared to micromax and samsung

  • Saum

AnonD-103438, 26 Feb 2014NO....this chipset doesn't support hd video play backR u 100% sure about that.....??? That device doesn't support 720p hd videos....???
R u user of Nokia XL ??

  • AnonD-230913

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2014Who the hell grades these phones? 8.0 Design? 7.8 Features??? WT... moreDo u start painting ur house without laying the foundation? Stop comparing other brands to nokia. We all know nokia is the best.

  • Jayant Gupta

Waht is price of this phone? And can I run new version games and apps on this phone ? Old nokia phone doesn't apply to download songs from Nokia Music .... Shall I buy this phone or not?

  • AnonD-230913

k, 26 Feb 2014 wat does 2nd quarter mean wen is it releasing ? It means April to June.

  • Anonymous

this phone can record 720p hd video via front cam and 480p via rear so its satisfactory for me that atleast this phone has all specs in range even galaxy s duos 2 is much in price and same in specs. Well this 5 mp cam can capture all well as samsung's crap 8mp. So great work nokia i will hav it.

  • Anonymous

krassi, 26 Feb 2014Why android 4.1?no one's making phones whith that, even 4.2 is o... moreProbably Android 4.1 is a more stable version of android than 4.2 which is why Nokia choose to use it :)

  • TRiderx

A very good phone probably the best budget Android right now but not my kind I would go with Moneypenny with WP 8.1 . And 230k apps in WP Store is more than enough for me. Its my openion. Anyway best of luck for Nokia Android v1.0