Nokia XL

Nokia XL

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  • AnonD-98895

190g for a 5 inch device!!! Damn heavy... :(
For enjoying HD contents smoothly on its 5" screen estate atleast 1GB ram should be there.

  • AnonD-235977

bed new for apple and samsung..


1 gb ram are required to..

  • AnonD-233843

Wow finally. I love it

  • AnonD-53679

AnonD-235977, 24 Feb 2014it has android forked version and it's not supported google play... moreBackup the apk file you want from your google play-supported device and send them to this phone, done!

  • AnonD-235977

it has android forked version and it's not supported google play service

  • Babatunde

Them up Nokia...We are coming back to you.

  • $korN X

Now people doesn't care much on low budget mobile phones, if Nokia want to come with something in flagship range would be awesome. People will buy it no matter the cost is (See iPhone, crappy phone for high price still sales are pretty good) Do something innovative, like Nokia had done with Lumia 920

  • AnonD-232408

look interesting !but it still look like WP OS .?Home screen look little big dull like WP! i happy that Nokia XL exist but could it be mistake ?

  • venky

Which version of android it is??