Note 7 TouchWiz UI beta leaked, complete with core app APKs

Enrique, 27 June, 2016

HDBlog released an overview video with a companion article of what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s UI could look like. While it’s not likely finalized, this gives us a really good idea of what we can expect from Samsung’s new TouchWiz UI to debut on the unreleased Galaxy Note 7. Oh yeah, and the name has already been pretty much confirmed.

The new TouchWiz beta has a lot of blur elements throughout and new visual cues that give TouchWiz a whole new look. HDBlog reports the UI is “very simple, straightforward, clean, and less distraction.” (translated from Italian) There is also talk of a possible iMessage competitor for Samsung users, but this could be a phrase lost in translation.

Such interface could even make its way to earlier models, notably the Galaxy S7, in an future update. Such update that we probably won’t see for several months, maybe into next year as Samsung is notoriously known for taking extensive amounts of time to push out updates. Then again, they do have a huge number of devices on the market.

The video is in Italian and shows the UI extensively. We are shown various Samsung core apps and how they’ve changed compared to the current TouchWiz UI. You can visit this XDA thread to get updated APKs for SNote, SBrowser, video player, updated keyboard, Calculator, voice recorder… you get the idea. In order to install, though, you’ll need root access.

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Frankly, I used IR blaster on my S4. But only for the initial few weeks after buying the phone. After that never used it. IR blaster not coming on S7 edge is not a deal breaker for me. But then again, I remember that Nokia S60 phones had this fu...

I have been using Nova for over two years now, who uses that stupid TW launcher anyway? But using a launcher alone can't change the whole framework mess mate.

All those features could be implemented on Stock Android, there's no need to create a whole new different kind of framework for that. Go check XDA once in a while, the actual developers are there!

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