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Nothing Phone (1)

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  • 15 Jul 2022

Mueking, 14 Jul 2022For me looks weird that the charger has 45W, when the smart... moreIs it fine to charge a phone which supports 33W charging with a 45W phone charger? Does it effects battery life or not?

    Every year...
    Techtubers: This is the most fun phone I've used in years!

    Salesmen trying to sell us junk we don't need. This Nothing phone (1) will flop worse than the Essential PH-1. Nobody needs a new phone every year any more.

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      • Baba
      • s87
      • 15 Jul 2022

      Anonymous, 14 Jul 2022People are hating on this phone even before laying their ha... moreCoz it's a first generation phone.

      Except glyph nothing unique about this phone.
      And the way influencer are hyping about it, made me change my mind

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        • mehdi
        • fw5
        • 14 Jul 2022

        Nothing phone is supposed to offer somerhing original. Removing headphone jack is not original.

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          • Anonymous
          • JJ5
          • 14 Jul 2022

          johnkay, 14 Jul 2022Why only Snapdragon 778G?? The OnePlus 8T i got around 2 ye... moreWhy do people care so much about the chipset?
          The OnePlus 8T is a fine example. The software of the 8T is utter garbage. The GPS is horrible. The Android 12 Update a complete disaster.
          For some years already the typical Smartphone Hardware is good enough, hardware wise, for basically everything most users do. Even gaming is totally fine on midrange phones.
          What matters today is stable and robust software, good battery life without killing every damn app the moment you look away.

          Look at this:

          Given that the processor is fast enough for the phone that there is no difference during normal use to let's say a 8Gen1 and especially compared to the 865, the processor in the end is a lot better than the 865 since it has a better instruction set, uses less energy and generates less heat.

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            • Alva
            • 8up
            • 14 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 13 Jul 2022This is very strange, every time I read comments about a ne... moreThat would be because just about everyone, and everyone here, has a smartphone they're mostly okay with already and so we want a phone that either does something completely new that we want or has all of the problems we see with the phone we already have fixed. And that simply doesn't exist.

            For me as an example I would want a good screen, a good chipset, an audio jack (or two type-c ports), full type-c support i.e. external screens etc and an actual good battery so 5000mah, micro SD card slot and good water resistance. I'd also much rather have a plastic back and removable battery. Oh and an unlockable bootloader is an absolute requirement. If I don't see a phone like this I'll just stick with the one I've got.

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              • Dkf
              • 14 Jul 2022

              Ravikumar , 14 Jul 2022Itz already released in india, through flipkart & mysel... morewhich brands did you buy these things?

                Why only Snapdragon 778G?? The OnePlus 8T i got around 2 years ago had a better chip than this phone and it was slightly more expensive.

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                  • Shahrukh Khan
                  • f}m
                  • 14 Jul 2022

                  Iman, 14 Jul 2022If iphone 12 and android 12 marry together the child will b... moreStill it's an Android means Android is the father and iOS is the mother 😅

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                    • Srinivasaraju
                    • 7kp
                    • 14 Jul 2022

                    Khan, 14 Jul 2022No charger very disappointingCall recording available or not.

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                      • Ravikumar
                      • rAM
                      • 14 Jul 2022

                      Itz already released in india, through flipkart & myself got 1 but disappointment is, have to buy, charger, tempered glass & back cover seperately, that cost whopping Rs.4350/-

                        Anonymous, 14 Jul 2022I LOVE the design of this phone. Im a long time Android us... moreUnfortunately for you, I think Nothing will be staying in this price segment for a while.

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                          • Harry X
                          • ana
                          • 14 Jul 2022

                          wow, this is junk, way to go Nothing company, I guess y'all don't need a rebrand cause y'all only create nothing of value.

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                            • JFC
                            • 14 Jul 2022

                            Iman, 14 Jul 2022If iphone 12 and android 12 marry together the child will b... moreyesssssssssssssssssssssssss

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                              • Muratovic8
                              • mEh
                              • 14 Jul 2022

                              Its 2022 Q3 and there are companies still using Snapdragon 778 chipset and putting a price tag of almost 500 Euros. Crazy! No matter what the processor should be ate least Snapdragon 870.

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                                • ehh
                                • AZY
                                • 14 Jul 2022

                                Anonymous, 14 Jul 2022why no gsmarena day 1 review ??Because it's not released?

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                                  • Khan
                                  • mGt
                                  • 14 Jul 2022

                                  No charger very disappointing

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                                    • Iman
                                    • mG@
                                    • 14 Jul 2022

                                    If iphone 12 and android 12 marry together the child will be nothing phone 1

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Tui
                                      • 14 Jul 2022

                                      why no gsmarena day 1 review ??

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                                        • Mueking
                                        • 3Q}
                                        • 14 Jul 2022

                                        Prathavi, 13 Jul 2022It have a mixed opinion about this device. Some things are ... moreFor me looks weird that the charger has 45W, when the smartphone only accept 33W. I guess phone(2) would charge at that speed