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why the is soo many hype around this toy phone 🤢

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    • I3ooI3oo
    • SnY
    • 19 Jul 2022

    Anonymous, 18 Jul 2022you'd better to come back to school again and learn so... moreBruh, but XIAOMI is a piece of :poop: Idk who with a normal brain can buy xiaomi phone.

      Alex, 19 Jul 2022Funny that you say that, because in school they also teach ... moreThe secret is to not take it personally, internet world is way too overpopulated xD

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        • Glad GLITZ
        • G2L
        • 19 Jul 2022

        firstly the name is very strange for me ,not exactly me but many more. Nothing does not make any valid sense. Literally it means that NO thing exists in real world. But I think that think that there is a uniqueness in the name as that of the I phone.Featuring excellent features and best price really is dominant here

          Youko, 18 Jul 2022the company’s tagline on Twitter is “We're here to mak... moreLiterally nothing wrong with the price. Only trolls say it's too high.

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            • Alex
            • HBh
            • 19 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 18 Jul 2022you'd better to come back to school again and learn so... moreFunny that you say that, because in school they also teach kids in school that "glass" is a mineral based material and "alluminum" is a metal.
            Even though the guy has the same opinion as you, you still felt the need to insult him. People are so stupid on this site, and worse than stupid, is stupid and dumb...

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              • Anonymous
              • n}C
              • 18 Jul 2022

              Sam Fisher , 18 Jul 2022Is that what came up after all the hype! LEDs! that's... moreyou'd better to come back to school again and learn some math.

              Xiaomi 11 5G NE have cost of 260 EURO
              this nothing piece of plastic costs 470 EURO

              the difference is 210 EURO !!!

                the company’s tagline on Twitter is “We're here to make tech fun again.” BUT the price is not fun at all.

                also some people have green tint issue too....

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                  • Sam Fisher
                  • 6v%
                  • 18 Jul 2022

                  Is that what came up after all the hype!
                  LEDs! that's it?!
                  It's basically a Xiaomi 11 lite NE with 120$ price difference due to the addition of LEDs.

                    -No charger (BS excuses for this decision)
                    -Invitation style (or at least that was stated two-three months ago when I first saw the announcement)
                    -no sd card, no jack
                    -high price (especially when you have the cons stated above)
                    -units with green tint issues
                    -weird design
                    -don't see anything much more refined and more polished, software wise OR hardware wise, to be "above" current midrange/lower high end market competition (xiaomi, motorola, samsung, etc.)

                    +12gb version (too bad 12gb is truly good when you have flagship chipset)
                    +NOTHING. LITERALLY NOTHING

                    Why are I and other people being called "trolls" when I and the others clearly state the terrible cons above?
                    There are brands like google and motorola where warranty is not even official in some states, imagine a prototype phone!

                    I bet my whole a** in max 3 months the price will be cut at half!

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                      • Michal
                      • A{t
                      • 18 Jul 2022

                      Guy's just please don't buy first, prototype phone from starting company, you will have a bad time.
                      Also no SD :(

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                        • pomos
                        • X{e
                        • 18 Jul 2022

                        AndroidFan250, 18 Jul 2022Green display + dead pixel + moisture around camera. Nothi... moreWell all LEDs were used in the glyph interface!

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                          • AndroidFan250
                          • i8x
                          • 18 Jul 2022

                          Leo2Valdez, 17 Jul 2022A telephoto on a 400 pound phone? Get real. Those that do, ... moreGreen display + dead pixel + moisture around camera.
                          Nothing please fix above issues ASAP.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • uGN
                            • 18 Jul 2022

                            Well, in conclusion we can say there is 'nothing special' about this NOTHING watch. It just dovetails nicely into the great throng of all the China-made "me-too" watches out there in smartwatchland. Don't waste your time and money on buying Nothing!

                              Worst Phone In the World

                                notafanboy, 17 Jul 2022Don't you think it's time for proper telephoto to... moreYep, I do. But a startup probably won't be the one to do it. Also, people complaining about adding a third camera are probably talking about a crappy 2mp macro at this price point. Believe me, the day telephotos become a must have at this price point is a day to celebrate. However it isn't at the moment. So people moaning about it not having a third camera, which would throw the design off anyway, rlly pisses me off

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XWL
                                  • 18 Jul 2022

                                  the design is good but if they tried to make it look like "sony xperia u" model illuminating light than it would be great

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • XQd
                                    • 18 Jul 2022

                                    Same issues happening like One Plus one first 😹

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                                      • Tui
                                      • 18 Jul 2022


                                      Dead pixels / Green tint problems already beware !!!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • nin
                                        • 18 Jul 2022

                                        Nothing Phone 1 is glowing green for some users and that’s not a good thing at all.