Now non-Pixels can use Google Photos’ Locked Folder, rolling out now

Ricky, 04 December 2021

In the June Pixel Feature Drop, Google introduced “Locked Folder” within the Google Photos app to Pixel devices. As initially reported by Android Police, the feature is now rolling out non-Google Pixel devices.

Locked Folder is a secure on-device folder where you can store private (yeah, uh huh) pictures and videos and they won’t be uploaded to Google Photos. From here, you can only view whatever you stored, and you won’t be allowed to share, screenshot, or screen record any of the content unless it’s removed back out of the Locked Folder.

Source: Android Police Source: Android Police
Source: Android Police

The feature is accessed by opening Google Photos and tapping on the “Library” tab, then on “Utilities” and scrolling down to “Locked Folder”.

If you’re on a non-Pixel Android phone, you might not see the option right away. Some users have reported a notification letting them know of the feature’s arrival. Even if you are on the latest version of the Google Photos app, it seems that the Locked Folder option will appear after a server-side update seeps through the Google Play Services Framework.



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  • Metal

Same too i need it For my sensitivity files i Compressed them and lock with passwords then uploaded to Google drive

Stupid feature, I need locked folder on cloud Mr. Google -_-

So it took them 13 years and 12 ittertions of Android for them to figure out people want an extra folder for private photos? On Samsung you can copy any app into the "secure folder", and they had this for years.

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