Nvidia announces 12GB version of RTX 3080 with more CUDA cores

Ro, 11 January 2022

Nvidia just announced an improved RTX 3080 GPU that offers 12GB of VRAM compared to the original, which has 10GB. There are also approximately 3% more CUDA cores, totaling 8960.

Nvidia announces 12GB version of RTX 3080 with more CUDA cores

The upgrade in the memory translates into 20% more bandwidth also thanks to the wider 384-bit memory bus. As a result, the GPU draws about 30W more power than the original version, which requires 320W. However, Nvidia is still recommending a 750W-rated power supply.

The new variant should be available starting today from select board partners but the pricing remains unknown.



Reader comments

Man 4k on a 6 inch screen is useless as much as it could be. Anyone who would like to watch netflix big TV does its job perfectly. Tiny phone is good for harming your eyes and sight. Brighter screen means bigger battery consumption also bad ...

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Jan 2022
  • 31b

lmfao 4k on 6inch display is absolutely useless. Do look at it through a microscope? If not using it for VR, its an absolute waste. And tell me how fun it is to use a phone for VR again

  • Anonymous
  • 13 Jan 2022
  • pYg

4k on 6 inch phone is not useless: high pixel density means sharper display; most people who watch services like netflix will watch it on a mobile device (as well as tv but thats not my point here), so improving the display on something like this is ...

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