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  • AnonD-56420

where is the phone shop o2x1i in Denpasar area? I want to buy a batteray and charger for this,Thanks

  • Anonymous

I had this fone years ago whilst in school, it looked great, had some decent features for its price, but it kept turning itself off all the time, even when just on its back on the arm of the chair. I had 3 different ones and they all did it, in the end i ended up getting my money back and got a different phone. That was the only flaw, if it didnt keep turning itself off all the time, i would probably still have 1 as a spare.

  • chad

no it dow keep turning off it's your phone

  • Anonymous

when i first got this fone i loved it n it was always reliable.despite all of the horrible comments on this board i believe this phone to be good. if (like many people) u only want to text, ring , n take fotos then it is fine. there may be a few faults yes but u cant help but love the cute small thing.

  • Anonymous

what an amazing phone

  • Anonymous

Awfull battery life, contantly turns off even on full charge .. beware

  • Russ

WILL EVERYONE PLEASE STOP MOCK THIS PHONE AND O2!!!! This phone is not made by o2!! BENQ-Siemens make this phone and o2 bought the rights to sell it. you can buy the BENQ version but it has exactly the same faults!! if anyone wants this phone buy the re-realesed version X1B!! anyway in May 07 o2 are recalling all x1i phones!

  • Kat

this is 1 BRILLIANT phone. simple-yes. not particually modern-yes. but if u want to call, txt, and take pictures its amazing and never breaks even after hundreds of drops.

  • hong

This fone is OK for me.
Could somebody help me? please tell me what is O2X1i default-fone-code is?, because I have lost my usermanual. Thanks alot.

  • julie

ive had this phone 15 months and now its gone dead i thought it was the charger..but think its the battery..ive sent for a new battery...i have a new mobile now..sony ericsson k310 i

  • Sam

Jason, whilst texting, you press the hash button until you see a captial ABC in the top left hand corner of the screen.

  • steve

piece of s**t. if this fone goes 2 hours without turning itself off and resetting the time & date you'll be lucky. i have emptied the inbox at least 20 times because it stores every msg u send & recieve & the memory is n good.fair enough, it ischeap. but you pay for wot you get. gettin me a sony ericsson w810i. Fan-Fookin-Tastic!!

  • cat

Did anyone ever find out how to remove the operator logo? I'm getting desperate. Thanks.

  • Paul

I have taken my sons phone back 3 times and had a new replacement phone each time, and the same problem keeps occuring, the phone turns off & won't turn back on. We are on the 3rd phone now & this one (after a week) has the same problem, the previous phone broke within hours! Do not buy this phone as my sons has been in for repair/replacement for over 6 weeks.

  • laura

i've had this phone for 15 months now! so although theres quite a few flaws now it has lasted well! it seems to turn itself off all the time and when it comes back on all my settings go back to 00.00 grrr!! the other day i was planning on clearing my inbox of nearly 300 messages (good memory!)and it decided to do it for me, delteing all the messages on my phone i wanted to keep and then sending me all the messages from friends that had been sent months ago and i had never recieved (dont ask me how or why!) in general this phone has been a good one but the flaws are starting to show!

  • waqas

very great mobile phone i say one thing that his voice and display attract me

  • sllawrie

When I first got this phone it was great. It looks good and usually O2 are a reliable company. However my opinion started to change. If anyone owns this phone my advice is to wait until the battery has completely gone before charging. If you don't do this then you're phone will keep switching itself off. The games are OK but they don't keep you occupied. Also the phone is really delicate. The backing always comes off which is annoying because it comes off in your bag and you have to delve into your bag to find it. Also my phone's screen got cracked in my bag as well. I have nothing against O2 but they really must do better.

  • jamie

hi im back but after all the time i finnaly i got a new phone .it,s un rellyable but u fall in love with it even tho the problms are shocking i bot the nokia 3360 u can tell the a good phon from a bad phone srry o2

  • Anonymous

I got this phone last year but a few weeks after i bought it the stupid thing broke, i took it to the shop and they replaced it but the replacement did the same again, also the screen is very weak - dont keep it in your pocket with keys!

  • sara

I just want to know the difference between o2x1i and benq m300. thank you.