O2 X3

O2 X3

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  • Anonymous

The X3 isn't released yet, you can't have one unless it's a pre-production unit, the S700 which it's based on isn't even released yet!

  • Dave

Where you get your X3 from?????

  • Gary

i agree wid ya this is definately not the correct pic.the x3 is more square and bigger screen. the outside is black with a dash of silver at the bottom. i have the x3 and is the best phone i have ever had and i have had nearly every top phone, even sharp gx30 but no phone compares to this one! the price of the handset is more or less givin it away!

  • UK

Any details on release? O2 know nothing about ths phone so they claim!

  • dave

The X3 is a BenQ S700.

  • emyl

I see that the voting results are not good. Who can say more about this phone?

  • wrong

this is not the x3, completely different, gsm have a word

  • edward


  • Twang

O2 getting commercialise. Resort to making clamshell phones now.