O2 X3

O2 X3

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  • zubair

I love this phone

  • AnonD-8044

AnonD-16764, 05 Feb 2012One of the best phones I have ever owned, recall buying fro... moreI got mine on O2 UK but it was made by BenQ.

  • AnonD-16764

One of the best phones I have ever owned, recall buying from Tesco on clearance. Who was it made by? Was this a ZTE or Huawei? It was a small and solid device. Can it not be re-released?

  • Anonymous

This mobile phone company's parts are not available in india.

  • kashyap

what is the extandable memory of o2 x3???

  • Anonymous

sjmids, 16 Jul 2008a classic mobile which is a rare site now .very true

  • mhndra

hp saya rusak, dimana saya bisa dpt sparepart nya. contact : 081806057577

  • vijay

he my installation cd not working

  • Soumendra

In india none of the available networks have gprs settings for o2 x3.
Also part replacement is impossible in india.

  • subodh

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2007plz tell a solution for my prob i dont have card re... moreyou'll have to buy a card reader. ther's no other option . also a mini sd card adapter.
it'll cost you a total of around rs.250

tht's also written in the handset guide which you get with the handset.

  • Ted

vipul, 01 Dec 2008I theer any bodu who has o2-x3 model battry. i want 2 purch... moreExcuse me, can you send me games folder. It must content Cherry Boy, Puzzle Game, Breakout!, Project E.N.D. my mail is kpetob(at)inbox.ru. Thank you!

  • vipul

I theer any bodu who has o2-x3 model battry. i want 2 purchase it.plz contact me on 09769855850

  • Subodh

Batteries not working. Unabel to get replacement. Tried everywhre in India, unable to get

  • sjmids

a classic mobile which is a rare site now .

  • Harish Pawar

o2x3 is median level mobile good mp3 but not any part of replaemet & not good delivery,o2x3 handset battry or other parts not avilable in india...

  • AsHIsh

only feature to be proud of is the video recording. mp3 is ok but pic isn't gud,flash doesn't work, no bluetooth,infrared doesn't work,no other message tone n u dont get replacement parts at least not here,u'll have to go to uk for it.so if u r thinkin of buyin it, buy at ur own risk,there r other options

  • Manish

I cannot see MP3 files on my O2X3 because it is not detectingaudio files.

  • d.m.singh

the main lcd and sub lcd on my phone used to show a clock. somehow, maybe by wrong pressing of a button that has gone.how do i bring it back

  • Hemant Singh

The vibration function of my O2X3 is not working properly. Can it be repaired?

  • kishore

I Have 02 x3 model phone, recently my display is not showing nothing so i went to one of the service engg and he told that there is no problem with display, the main problem is its strip got broken it seems. I tried many places in hyderabad as iam an resident of Hyd but my search went into vain, so can u please suggest or give any information where i can get the STRIP OF X3 (MODEL) O2 PHONE. If possible plz try to call me otherwise mail to me. please reply me with full details as soon as possible.

Awaiting for your favorable response