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  • H
  • Hemant Singh
  • up6
  • 18 Dec 2007

The vibration function of my O2X3 is not working properly. Can it be repaired?

    • k
    • kishore
    • Uqs
    • 07 Dec 2007

    I Have 02 x3 model phone, recently my display is not showing nothing so i went to one of the service engg and he told that there is no problem with display, the main problem is its strip got broken it seems. I tried many places in hyderabad as iam an resident of Hyd but my search went into vain, so can u please suggest or give any information where i can get the STRIP OF X3 (MODEL) O2 PHONE. If possible plz try to call me otherwise mail to me. please reply me with full details as soon as possible.

    Awaiting for your favorable response

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • nEH
      • 05 Dec 2007

      I bought the x3 just under 3 years ago and still have it despite it no longer working. It managed to send 1 picture message b4 it refused to send any more ever again. A year or so on it started to switch itself off every so often,getting more frequent and then last year started to have charging failure. These problems are notorious for this phone. Todays phones are far superior in terms of camera quality, bluetooth, games etc but the x3's video recording quality is far superior than most of todays fones even my samsung d900!!!! The image slideshow, picture editing and speed of displaying pictures is also superior (my d900 takes ages to go from viewing 1 picture to the next!) I wish someone would make a new x3 with better camera, bluetooth, bigger screen etc but with the x3s appearance and video quality. I'd buy that for a dollar!

        • s
        • san
        • 2S%
        • 16 Nov 2007

        o2 x3 is good mobile

        i want this mobiles new battery.....

          • n
          • norbert
          • PGi
          • 20 Oct 2007

          how to change the message alert tone?

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • Uqw
            • 29 Sep 2007

            plz tell a solution for my prob
            i dont have card reader but i use the data cable provided along with the handset for transfering data from handset to pc and viceversa.but when i try to upload songs from my pc to handset(even wen dey are in MP3 & WMA format) its giving a msg saying-"THIS FILE CANNOT BE UPLOADED TO HANDSET".what might be the reason? plz provide a solution for this.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • vJA
              • 28 Sep 2007

              how can i connect my com ?

                • D
                • Dżeju
                • p1D
                • 21 Sep 2007

                Hi. What the biggest card can i buy for this phone?

                  • s
                  • sudip
                  • PGY
                  • 21 Sep 2007

                  i buy this mobile. i use it so reliable n good in network. i love it. but i have some problem in this set. like hanging problem. so i need this set software or could u help me to solve this type of problem.i am waithing for ur replay.
                  urs customer.

                    • B
                    • Bob
                    • I78
                    • 27 Aug 2007

                    I got my X3 about 3 years ago and it's been great since. The mp3 player is its best feature, I have a 250meg card in it which holds around 50 songs on it, the camera is not as good as phones' these days but at the time it was OK, The video camera can practically record up to 8 hours of footage (2 gig card), or you can use Nokia video converter to put full movies on; I once had Too Fast Too Furious, Lord of the Rings and a bunch of guitar instructional videos (and porn) all on at once on my 250mb card, so the storage is a neat prop. You can also put photos on it providing you installed the software, so there's no need to download overpriced pictures off WAP. I've had no problems with it so far, it serves its purpose of music and calling best, I don't think any camera phone is worth the camera unless it's over 5 megapixels, then you don't really need a digital camera anymore.

                      • R
                      • Rannvijay
                      • vGx
                      • 23 Jun 2007

                      Well,to start with i bought this fone 6 months back only coz of its gr8 value at my place. Ppl told me that this is a failed fone in the west n so its so cheap. but i still got it, n believe me even though it has a few problems i love it.

                      The best thing abt this fone is its gr8 MP3 player . I have seen n compared loads of fone's mp3 players with mine n x3 wins hands down especially with nokias. As this fone is now quite old so its features might not blow ur mind but at this price (Rs 5500 in india or 120$ )it rockss.

                      And if we luk at some bad points, the cam is bad actually it sucks. The vga nd wallpaper resolutions r better lol. And it has no bluetooth nd my infrared has still not worked.also u must have a card reader as its USB doesnt work.
                      And most importantly, the fone sometimes gets switched off on its own and we dont even know nd that sucks. And also the vibrator sometimes get hanged and the fone keeps on vibrating like hell nd u have to switch it off to stop it.

                      All in all its a fone jus for music nd its design. Gud for some nd bad for others.

                        • a
                        • amit
                        • vGh
                        • 19 May 2007

                        I have a O2 X3 phone but i have not a cd for usb drivers so can't download music and photos from phone to pc, do you know where i can get copy of driver i need, any help appreciated. Thanks alot.
                        amit malhotra

                          • R
                          • R@\/\/f!r3 D R@pp3r
                          • PGh
                          • 11 May 2007

                          Hello everyone , I buy this phone and its really a bomb thing . can anyone tell me that how to forward its video more faster and how to forward song and also about howcan I install applications or games in it without GPRS . Reply me soon at my ID
                          rawfire91@gmail.com .
                          Thanks .

                            • k
                            • keval raj
                            • 2SQ
                            • 01 May 2007

                            Dear sir / mam

                            I am unable to install the data cable..

                            USB is not detected,.

                              • m
                              • martin
                              • mXD
                              • 17 Apr 2007

                              ive had this fone for over 2 years there is no point buying it now as u can buy far superior fones nowadays like the nokia 6131 however until i buy a new fone i still use this as it is great - small n sexy lol plus the great cif video recording which is one of the best quality ever seen on a fone beating the likes of the sony ericsson k800i!

                                • s
                                • sheron perera
                                • w9L
                                • 11 Apr 2007

                                i need to know about how to use mini sd card setting i cant send to my phone mp3 how can i send it

                                  • J
                                  • June
                                  • mqh
                                  • 22 Mar 2007

                                  Great phone except has one BIG problem for me - the message alert tone is just one ding dong (like Avon calling for those of you as old as me and can remember!). If you miss the one ding dong, that's it. I have had unseen messages for days.
                                  Does anyone know of any updates, or way of downloading another tone to the phone? The Samsung used to keep repeating until you looked at it.

                                    • U
                                    • Umer
                                    • Pxp
                                    • 19 Mar 2007

                                    how a nice phone it is.....but how to use its loud speaker????????????????pls..pls... :-(

                                      • A
                                      • Ank
                                      • w4j
                                      • 12 Mar 2007

                                      hi, pls let me know how to switch on its speaker? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

                                        • S
                                        • Sami
                                        • vGx
                                        • 10 Mar 2007

                                        plz plz plz help i have buy a o2 x3

                                        i se a security code on a phone which i forget now phone is not going to open plz help me and mail me how to unlock it or reset it plzzzzzzzzzzzz

                                        my mail id is sami.k@rediffamil.com