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  • Vicky

This is my first and the root of all mobile phones today. I bought it at RM3299 and proud to be the owner. Thereafter came HTC and then Samsung.

  • jay

i try to find new cover, battery pack for my O2 xda.

  • Anonymous

how do i get the cover o the sin card? or is there anything i can use to replace it?

  • Edy

Need help here...
What is the best java emulator for this PDA? Thanks a lot...

  • poo

i like this phone n i love the bubble breaker game....but i need to know how to save the data in the memory card...all the data is being stored in the phone memory itself vr am i to change the settings for this?

  • Night Mode

Hi. I Really Want To Know If I Can Install Windows XP On My O2 xda Pocket Pc? If Possible Please Tell Me. I Also Want To Install The Usb Device, Where Do I Get The Software From? I Dont Have The CD? And One More Thing, i Want to Save Files On My Storage Card, How Do I Do That. It Always Shows Password Protected Or Corrupted, Being Brand New.

  • sanjith

fardeen you can change the language by doing this first download the cd or re boot the phone

  • sanjith

this pohone rocks

  • Ben

Is there any way to delete the memory of MSN login sessions. For some reason, when i sometimes send texts it adds on old emails that i have sent/received.

Also, every i use MSN it stores memory that has no obvious place to delete it - any ideas!?

  • Fouad Q Attashi

i have recieved a O2 XDA Mini from a my brother which carried a German manual.and all thing phone + manual + CD's are germany langage Obviously without it I simply could,nt manage the phone.
please reply how can i chnge language to be english
best wwishes

  • Javed Lodhi

- A very good phone with good battery time considering the fact that it's a Windows mobile however that's because it does not have any Bluetooth, Wifi, Cam.
- OS does not crash frequently as compared to the i-Mate.
- Mode of communication only via USB cradle or Infra with other phones or computers.
- Overall a very good and sound set, loved it during my use of 3 years.

  • agm

i feel the same as one of your corresponants about customer service or should i say lack of service i ccontacted them with a query, first of all it was easier to get into jail with all the telephone numbers you had to ringbefore making contact, then on making a further contact was put through to the floor manager who took my land line number and promised to ring back as soon as possible that was two days ago , so the problem is not likely to be resolved this side of christmas

  • utpal rajsaikia

I recieved a O2 XDA Mini from a friend which carried a German manual. Obviously without it I simply could,nt manage the phone. Searched he entire web fo a free download, but failed. The product numbers inscribed on he body simply don't work in the O2 official website for the english download as it was brought from the German market.

  • Anonymous

www.xda-developers.com here you can find everything about it.

  • o2boi

Taye...this is unrepairable, I work for o2 and remember the problems with this. It basically renders the unit unusable :o(

  • Anonymous

anybody know if there is a way to mms enable this phone, there must be an update around somewhere. Thanks

  • taye

sorry but i would like to know, theres this knob thats in the sim unit i pushed it un purpose and it distorted the funtionality of my xda please can it still be repaired i really like ma phone.thanks

  • Sly

I REALLY like my xda, but i've got a vodafone sim card and i cant figure out how to connect to vodafone GPRS because its not listed on their site. can anyone help? Also, does anyone know if there is a way to delete access points after you delete internet profiles?

  • bala

need to download english version of users manual for o2 xda mini. please help me

  • Rakesh

i just bought and xda but it came without a cd and im in the middle of east africa so not so easy to get stuff around here. any one who can help would be highly appreciated. i have a mac and cant get the mac to even sync with the phone. any ideas?