O2 XDA Comet

O2 XDA Comet

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  • giselle
  • PxW
  • 07 Mar 2011

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2010not a good phonehave to rebootit everyjtime..sucks

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    • Anonymous
    • 2@n
    • 17 Sep 2010

    not a good phone

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      • Anonymous
      • 4fA
      • 08 Apr 2010

      i hope it works

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        • jose mari
        • PSv
        • 11 Mar 2010

        where i can avail a mic speaker for my 02 xda comet?
        my location is philippines

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          • Anonymous
          • mDc
          • 22 Jan 2010

          Pech Rothanapong, 16 Aug 2009I have used for 02 XDA Comet but it contained Germany langu... morecheck ( http://www.xda-developers.com/ ) you need to change the ROM into English, the instructions you can search from the above mentioned website or just google it

            • m
            • malik
            • 0jk
            • 29 Oct 2009

            4 gb card work with driver, install it. sd driver window mobile

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              • Pech Rothanapong
              • uAi
              • 16 Aug 2009

              I have used for 02 XDA Comet but it contained Germany language with some english ! how can i Change to all english ?

              Because this phone i have bought from German tourist to my country!

              anyway i think it is great phone generation!

              how can i but some spare parts with specifics quality product?


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                • lal
                • vGD
                • 24 Jun 2009

                I would like to purchase 8GB/4GB MiniSD Memory Card.Does this support or not. What is the maximum size do i need to purchase and which brand. My email:lalsingh161@gmail.com

                  • A
                  • Abdur
                  • M{3
                  • 28 May 2009

                  I would like to purchase 8GB/4GB MiniSD Memory Card.Does this support or not.
                  What is the maximum size do i need to purchase and which brand.
                  My email : consultsd@gmail.com

                    • d
                    • david waiganjo
                    • N7D
                    • 29 Apr 2009

                    [deleted post]i cant change the language to english

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                      • Anonymous
                      • N7D
                      • 29 Apr 2009

                      cant change lunguage

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                        • jhon
                        • u1t
                        • 10 Oct 2008

                        nice mobile and very good colour what is the price of this mobile

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                          • clueless
                          • PSY
                          • 01 May 2008

                          hey guys,
                          I am here hoping if anyone'd be able to help me with my lock thingy here.My friend was playing games in my phone and the lock set in,couldn't switch on the phone. She did not know what exactly she had done, just doing this and that with the phone. I have tried hard reset, nothing! Please somebody help! thanks.

                            • M
                            • Mahaveer Pokarna
                            • vwp
                            • 09 Mar 2008

                            Can i run various computer softwares like Tally etc..

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                              • Metrolrod
                              • iBt
                              • 27 Feb 2008

                              this cellphone is beautifull, but, when i conect in Enterneth whit this phone, what is the

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                                • PAVNEET
                                • 4cC
                                • 04 Feb 2008

                                i completely agree with Mark Steere. I brought this phone in nearly after 1 month when it was realeased and it was working perfectly not even with a single problem till the day on which it was dropped by me in the pool. I migrated from india to USA so there was no service centers for repairing of this phone. Just because i like this phone so much i am buying a new a phone but this time it will be a MWG's atom life because MWG also provides warrenty in the US market. I like this phone because 624 mhz speed, a good quality and loud sound of the speakers and a really good quality sound of the plugins. Really compareable with ipod touch. i am saying this because i have an ipod touch too and i have really compared the volume of both of them. O2 Atom Life's sound is only compareable with the ipod touch when the "headset volume limiter" in the settings menu is set to full and the settings is set properly in the HD equilizer settings.

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                                  • jai
                                  • PU{
                                  • 25 Jan 2008

                                  i am thinking of buying this phone. can anyone one tell me hows the phone and is it worth buying..pls reply

                                  thank you

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Sju
                                    • 22 Jan 2008

                                    This is exactly the reason some people claim that it is a slow performance pda. It's not really slow. It has a very weak battery which makes it slow.
                                    If you have it on charger while using it then it will be must faster. This is something which the O2 people have to consider.

                                    They really do very good PDAs and then after testing them they are searching for a battery. That's not the right way to test and produce.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mCX
                                      • 19 Jan 2008

                                      Ok. Then try any HTC model. You will see the differece.

                                      The same battery lasts twice on HTC than on this and any other O2 models.

                                      I did my research and I can assure the short battery life compared to any htc pda

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                                        • Mark Steere
                                        • 4$r
                                        • 31 Dec 2007

                                        All this negativity and low ratings. I don't get it. I had an XDA Atom Life since shortly after it was released. Never had any problems. Loved the fast screen tap response time. You hit "Loudspeaker" and it goes to loudspeaker. Boom. Right away. I gave the Life to my girlfriend and I bought the Eten Glofiish X800 for its 640x480 screen. Nice screen, but the 520 MHz processor makes it noticeably slower to respond to screen taps than the 620 MHz processor of the XDA Atom Life. You sit there and count the seconds until it changes to loudspeaker. It's torture when you're trying to answer a call with loudspeaker. One more thing: the stereo speakers on the front of the Life sound *much* better for voice and my assorted ring tones than the tinny, crappy single speaker on the back of the X800 and most other cellphones. I liked the Windows Mobile 6.0 on the X800 more than the 5.0 version on the Life. Now the perfect phone is available: the XDA Comet which I will now order. I don't use my cellphone to take pictures, play MMPGs, or combat international spies. I just use it to make and receive calls. As a cellphone used only as a cellphone, with a small form factor and smooth edges to carry in your pocket, you can't do better than the Life/Comet. I get a new cellphone every few months whether I need it or not. I'll probably keep the Comet a little longer, until something else better, with at least as fast of a processor comes out, which may be a while.