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  • Mustafa Ali Khan
  • Rxc
  • 13 Dec 2007

o2 comet. search google for o2 atom life and you will see all the complaints. type: o2 atom life complaints, issues, problems, user reviews and check it out. many, many issues. The comet is the same phone as the atom life, just comet (for europe) and life (for asia pacific) .. both same and no doubt both with same problems. check the net for yourself and see what i mean.

    • A
    • Angry O2 user
    • Rxc
    • 11 Dec 2007

    I forgot to mention as a warning to those even in the slightest considering buying an Atom XDA life pda phone or the atom exec or any pda, added to the list below. the phone is not as fast as the makers claim in fact its bloody slow! and the phone freezes constantly. I mean, the phones buttons stopped working soon after i bought the phone. This phone is extremely poor and i would encourage people to start making videos and posting to sites like youtube and getting out there that O2 need to be taught a consumer backlash and lesson about rolling out highly overpriced products (I paid AUD$1150 for my O2 life x 2). SEE MY VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LduuzSYpK3o

    EmailAngry O2 exec atom l 2007-12-11 14:34 RxcH Guys .. you should see the reviews of the O2 atom, the O2 exec and especially the O2 life. Do a simple search eg. o2 atom life then add user reviews, complaints, problems, issues etc. in google. wow. i was amazed. Id bought 1 atom exec, the phone had problems then i bought another 2 atom xda life phones for my business and the longest life i had out of the 3 phones is 4 months. I mean this xda pda had everything go wrong from loose screen, to buzzing speakers, no sound, constant hard resets, dropouts of calls, poor battery, poor photos etc. then i searched to see what others were saying about the O2 atom life and i couldnt believe it. Not only is the phone getting a roasting on this website but check out zdnet australia, cnet asia and cnet and mobile asia and other websites and you will see the o2 phones are rating below 5 out of 10 with a LOT OF ANGRY users out there. check youtube.com and you will see videos being put on there eg. search O2 atom life

      • n
      • nano
      • nUk
      • 07 Dec 2007

      this is not made by O2, if you are so smart you need to know that, it is made by quanta computers taiwan

        • J
        • Joey
        • TIE
        • 24 Nov 2007

        This is the same as the O2 XDA Atom Life except for the matt finish. This was the German release. Hope O2 would have fixed most of the issues that was there in Atom life, with this device.

          • v
          • vlad
          • xrh
          • 22 Nov 2007

          for all u dump ppl (who pretend to be smart) XDA Comet is maby by o2 NOT HTC! 2) o2 Asia and o2 Europe make different phones, this is just the same XDA atom life (asian o2) being sold under new name in Europe >_

            • h
            • hsn
            • Pxx
            • 22 Nov 2007

            1gb of rom and 64mb of ram ONLY!????
            u HTC gone nuts?? shouldn't u at least think of balancing the hardware configs?? Shame on u!

              • J
              • Joey
              • Ae2
              • 22 Nov 2007

              By releasing this phone O2 are just confirming that they know that the Atom Life was a total lemon. But the battery was just one of about a thousand problems.