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O2 XDA Graphite

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  • Anonymous
  • 2S}
  • 11 Mar 2008

this is wonderful phone. but better performance after installing wm6 upgrade.

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    • Anonymous
    • mHj
    • 21 Feb 2008

    had the phone for a year, and found it to have everything i could possibly need on it...however, i did have to replace it 3 times before i got one that had all the parts working correctly!! Even now i still have some software issue, but apparently these can be ironed out with a firmware update. Great phone, shame about the software flaws, and poor battery, but basically is better than most phones that are newer than itself. So you have to ask yourself a question...do you want a phone that does everything, but occassionally freaks out, or do you want a phone that does half a job, but works every time? Personally, i wouldnt change my phone, just wished they could have ironed out a few things before releasing it. Look at is as an "arcade" version of a blackberry.

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      • iqqi
      • UDN
      • 04 Feb 2008


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        • Teejay
        • nF1
        • 16 Jan 2008

        you can use a memory card i have you just take the battery out and theres a little slot above the sim card the memory card goes in there

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          • NimNar
          • PSZ
          • 07 Jan 2008

          I have recently purchased O2 Graphite. However, I am having trouble connecting to Internet via Wi-Fi. Whenever I tried connecting Internet, the connection takes place via GPRS. The connection defaults to GPRS and there's no option of connection by Wi-Fi. Can someone please help me?

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            • Antony
            • PF$
            • 04 Jan 2008

            Hi, All, can I use O2 XDA Graphite for Blackberry Connect Service?

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              • Barracuda
              • wgY
              • 23 Dec 2007

              I have been using this device for months.. it has all the features and more that an average PDA user can possibly require. The design doesn’t make me look like an absolute dork carrying half a brick in my pocket. It’s been serving me just fine... any one else out there with positive experience?

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                • Raptor-rtx
                • PUI
                • 19 Dec 2007

                Has anybody tried a different OS on this phone other than windows mobile?

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                  • rebranding ..
                  • Rxc
                  • 13 Dec 2007

                  watch the rebranding of phones guys. You might think you can switch to another phone and you get something the same. O2 has the same phones but different names in regions eg. did you know the atom life is called the o2 xda comet in Germany. same phone. If you care to check this site under o2 atom life and then do some random internet searches for o2 atom life you will see just how many users have been having problems with this phone.

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                    • Angry O2 exec atom l
                    • Rxc
                    • 11 Dec 2007

                    I forgot to mention as a warning to those even in the slightest considering buying an Atom XDA life pda phone or the atom exec or any pda, added to the list below. the phone is not as fast as the makers claim in fact its bloody slow! and the phone freezes constantly. I mean, the phones buttons stopped working soon after i bought the phone. This phone is extremely poor and i would encourage people to start making videos and posting to sites like youtube and getting out there that O2 need to be taught a consumer backlash and lesson about rolling out highly overpriced products (I paid AUD$1150 for my O2 life x 2). SEE MY VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LduuzSYpK3o

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                      • Unhappy O2 xda atom
                      • Rxc
                      • 11 Dec 2007

                      Guys .. you should see the reviews of the O2 atom, the O2 exec and especially the O2 life. Do a simple search eg. o2 atom life then add user reviews, complaints, problems, issues etc. in google. wow. i was amazed. Id bought 1 atom exec, the phone had problems then i bought another 2 atom xda life phones for my business and the longest life i had out of the 3 phones is 4 months. I mean this xda pda had everything go wrong from loose screen, to buzzing speakers, no sound, constant hard resets, dropouts of calls, poor battery, poor photos etc. then i searched to see what others were saying about the O2 atom life and i couldnt believe it. Not only is the phone getting a roasting on this website but check out zdnet australia, cnet asia and cnet and mobile asia and other websites and you will see the o2 phones are rating below 5 out of 10 with a LOT OF ANGRY users out there. check youtube.com and you will see videos being put on there eg. search O2 atom life

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                        • Anonymous
                        • iEx
                        • 09 Dec 2007

                        I don't agree with the revies here. very nice phone. 3g, wifi,media player , what else you expect from this tiny phone !!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • S35
                          • 28 Nov 2007

                          this phone is a waste of time, had it for 1 day and after having a trion, this was somewhat of a comedown, cheap desighn

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                            • alan
                            • xmh
                            • 12 Nov 2007

                            Agree with a recent post. This was released early. The phone would 'go to sleep' and needed hard reboot, sometimes actually taking the battery out. Happened for me maybe twice a week. I downloaded and upgraded activ sync and also to mobile 6. The problems have virtually disappeared. I have had mobile 6 for about 8 weeks and I have re-booted phone twice. (second time yesterday). It is a real breeze to use data connected to laptop... or pc. I have used both USB lead and bluetooth, works fine... activ synch has to be on laptop/pc you are using but basically turned off for synching. Then you just click internet sharing and click connect (on handset). That is all there is too it. No other settings at all, just open browser and it works... or use remote desktop on laptop to connect into your another system.
                            It is also a shame that O2 themselves (tech support and cust services) do not seem to know much about this phone.
                            You won't be disappointed but get win mob 6 on it straight away!

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                              • Anonymous
                              • njN
                              • 01 Nov 2007

                              I disagree with the reviews here. I had problems with it locking up, but I installed the firmware upgrade (WM6) from the 02 website about 2 months ago and it hasent crashed since !

                              Its a great phone that was released with some software bugs, but these have been fixed, mine is great. At the moment, for the money there is no better windows mobile smartphone.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 2CK
                                • 22 Oct 2007

                                A terrible phome. I have had it for 5 months. Synching is frustrating (now have up to 10 entries for same contact because it replicates entries when synching), battery life poor, volume is low, connection to bluetooth is hopeless, and constant re-booting required to fix coverage issues. This phone is not fit for purpose - O2 should take them back and refund the money. I will never buy an O2 again.

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                                  • Graphite is a waste
                                  • nRJ
                                  • 02 Oct 2007

                                  This is the absolute worst phone I have ever - EVER - owned.

                                  There are the reconnect errors, the battery faults, the drop calling, failure to send texts, SIM and networks erros are common.

                                  Sre the fnctioanlity is great, but on a typical day I have to reboot my phone over ten times. I am starting to go crazy with this plasticy piece of rubbish.

                                  DO NOT BUY ON THE BASIS OF THE GIZMO's. THE PHONE WILL NEVER WORK

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                                    • irvan
                                    • uEx
                                    • 01 Oct 2007

                                    This is best phone,,,,,,,,,,,, I LOve O2 Graphite, does anyone know where i can download free games or cracked games for o2 graphite?

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                                      • dave
                                      • pwg
                                      • 26 Sep 2007

                                      most the comments i have read i seem to dissagree with apart from the battery life... iv not had problems with my wireless,sms,mms or any of the features.... but i do seem to have problems when connectin to my networks becuase it never seems to remember my wireless key :/

                                      i give this phone 7/10 for the good features and accesablity but there are still a few little problems which will more then likely be fixed when the new Xda phone comes out

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                                        • Demon
                                        • mxX
                                        • 12 Sep 2007

                                        ...forgot to mention...

                                        TomTom ONE will not connect to it. TomTom says "the phone you are trying to connect to does not support this feature"


                                        Am using my old Nokia 6230 for now.