O2 XDA II mini

O2 XDA II mini

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  • Winnie

I Think, This one is cheaper than the
XDA II2 naka but mai koi cool la. What do u think ka

  • Eric_Lam

I have the O2 mini. Great phone packed full with features. Wi Fi is no problem coz I dont use it much. It's compact and good reception. Only gripes i have is the qulaity of the pictures taken with the camera. The pics are too dull, so i have to photoshop em. Also the speaker is sometimes too loud or too soft when i adjust volume. But overall at least 8.5/10

  • Cheetah!

e mail me with any questions on this device that you may want, i work at O2 and am the answer man :P

  • hoho

does anyone know the website dat i can download any programs for dis phone for free??

  • Anonymous

suck in one day the ratings go down fo this great product ! all you haters that want fancy unreliable motorola phones to at the top. Be honest for once and you will see a powerfull pda which competes with all other pdas but lacks only wifi ! oh but you can get wifi/SD cards ! so quit complainin ! only product that can rival this is mpx witch is plaugued by unreliability and hangs and crashs when you run more than a couple of programs ! this imate jam in reviews shows remarkable stability !

  • Hacksta

Concerning xda IIs processor = isnt faster than the xda II mini. Look at the specs. mini is 16 mhz faster than IIs'. Also it it subjective which one is better. admittedly IIs looks better than the mini. built in WI-FI is also a big bonus. Bigger screen too. But considering the size difference (over 10cm2 larger)thats expected. the weight is a downside = +50g over the mini. camera IIs = 640*480, Mini = 1.3 MP. You cant simply say one is crap and not the other.

  • hakim

i just bought imate jam and this one also looks like jam
now im confused i mean wat about the featurz ? are thy same or jam is better ??? about the softwarez, ive downloaded some application for pocket pc so am i gonna be able to use thses in my jam ?? thnxx

  • Anonymous

IS HTC high technology company ?did it made in japan or taiwan or korea?

  • Anonymous

The original name of this PDA phone is the HTC magician;it was designed and made by HTC,the other companies rebrand it.

Anyway with the XDAIIs/III out,no point getting this crap.The XDAIIs looks cooler,has a faster processor,a slide out keyboard,and MOST IMPORTANTLY,Wi-Fi.

  • Anonymous

how many different names ? htc magician, imate jam, xda mini, mda compact and qtek s100 ! anyone know anymore names ?


i think it is latest outome whcih is metting all the need for customer of large screen / camera and features.

  • miaskuld

the price i see from this website..

go check it out yrself.


  • Jowett

You can find them on Ebay now but it's quite expensive though. USD $899! But there are two versions.. one is called the I-mate jam and the other one is the O2 XDA mini... anyone knows the difference?? And there is not way it's SGD $1200++ man.. this has to be at least around $2000 Singapore dollar..

  • Anonymous

nowhere in the uk has it n stock !

  • Hacksta

This phone is already selling for cheap in uk. eg. 99 with a 35 monthly contract. device is called i-mate jam. No built in WI-FI but you can get an sd card which enables this. also has windows media player which also plays mp3s. sterio headphones comes with the package. all in all this device has everything. it probs is the best out at the moment in terms of features and compact design hence the name JAM.

  • Afifah Azzahra

I Love it and I Want it...............
How about the price ? More expensive than XDA II .... wow ...

  • miaskuld

Oops! sorry typing error. is Dec 2004. sorry =). anyway, it cost SGD$1168.

  • Anonymous

you mean 04 !

out in uk in a bit but no confirmation from o2 yet !

  • miaskuld

heard that it will be release this month Dec 2005.

  • tola

i really like this and i am interested in knowing what the price is for whole sale. i have a phone store in Ghana and i am very intrerested.