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  • craig


who needs all these cameras and video and all that crap!!!its a phone which u phone and text people with!!

  • Arjun

Its a good phone, but has windows media player 10, I dont see how to play real meadia, Can any body help how to upgrade to media player 10 and also is it possible to instal realy player. If yes please advise how to do it. With regards

  • wijaya

i like XDA2 because is very helpful especially if i didn't bring my note book, i must say Much better then my previous SE P900. only one, i feel so Bored with the ringtones, is there any possibilities to use mp3 as a ringtones?

  • Helen

Anyone interested in the XDAIIs can get it for 249.99 on O2. Email me to get details.

  • Ronnie Da Man

Visit the http://forum.xda-developers.com website and click on the "Blue Angel" category in the Forum Index where you will find a very important topic entitled "Multiple Serious Issues On O2 XDA IIs" about the various problems faced by the users currently. This way you can compare it thoroughly against other PDA phones like Sony Ericsson P910i and Nokia 9500 Communicator before you decide to buy the right one.

  • E-THUG

Whasup people!!!
Was hopin that you could help a brother choose between da Xda2s and the Motorola A1000..???,i stay in da UK right,da thing is,U get a killer tariff with 3 network with A1000 ,but o2 has got da fine piece of equipment with Xda2s but da tariff ain't all dat at all,and i kno what dis babies can do,soo what do u think i shud go 4???....HELP!!!!!!

  • michael remo

its very nice and good picture.

  • Blue

Where did u get the informations O2 will launch xda3? What is the spec? as i know, o2 will release a new pda phone which is xda2i (xda2 mini) on February 2005. Is xda2s can use with mp3 ringtone? any malaysian friend using xda2s work find with maxis mms?
cause my xda2 cant use with maxis mms.

  • AaronRong

p910 good ~~~this one no good stand by time short ~~~

  • Scouting for PDA pho

Does the O2 XDA IIs have the two-way voice call recording feature whereby you can record and recall phone conversation while driving so you don't have to jot things down with a pen and paper as well as saving the cost of getting a seperate voice memo recorder unit?

  • The boat

Should I buy this or the SonyEricsson P910?

  • o2 guy

wait till the o2 XDA3 is released in spring 2005. If your impressed with the XDA2s, then just wait........

  • Dariush

Just bought one and it arrived today!! Im over the moon!! The XDA II felt cheap and plasticy!! This one feels so much better quality!! I bought it from just seeing pictures on the O2 website and its far better than I expected!! And the keyboard is fantastic!! + it looks even better cos its backlit in blue!! Very impressive PDA even more impressive phone!!

  • Blue

It's available in Malaysia now with price RM3588. My current is using XDAII for about 6 month, now this new model coming out and think to change my II to IIs, a big problem i face with my II is that i'm hard to use 1 hand operation on making a call... hope this new model will fulfill my need with the additional keyboard.

  • OmerArshad

Absolutely impressive, I think I'll get either this or Nokia 6670 or nokia 9500 as my next phone

  • Stu

Yeah looks good but not much of a change from the old 1. 260k screen would have been the logical upgrade!!

  • WackyPhoneBoy

Hey- Does anyone have lots of pictures of this thing? I am interested in this or the N9300

  • Chai Choung Jung

The camera resolution a bit low.
The screen colour and the ringtone a bit less.
The rest of function should be all right.

  • MagNeX

Worldex's selling price for XDAIIs is crazy at US$1,161 or HK$9,029. HK is selling them at HK$6,988 or US$898 but have to 2 weeks.

  • chezul

I like it