O2 XDA mini S

O2 XDA mini S

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  • Lokesh
  • upb
  • 15 Jun 2010

I am from India, Want to get my O2 Xda MiniS repaired. Some problem is there with charging and insert sim error. Please help me.

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    • Anonymous
    • 2@1
    • 12 Jun 2010

    plz give me pc suite

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      • Anonymous
      • tRp
      • 03 Jun 2010

      akshay, 18 Dec 2009In o2 xda mini s phone every thing is good ............. b... moreupdate ur computer...aftr tat u cld connect it wid ur pc...

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        • Anonymous
        • PEZ
        • 22 Mar 2010

        Wanna upgrade my OS,, 15 Feb 2010Hello... Does anybody know that how to upgrade OS version ... morejust go to xda developer website download anything that you want... also visit ppcwarez.org

          • R
          • Rubby
          • Mfx
          • 21 Mar 2010

          Can anyone can send me the full manual of messaging?
          I am facing trouble in writting mgs by keyboard.

          Pls help!!

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            • abhishek
            • t@J
            • 20 Mar 2010

            where should i found the supported software

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              • ixyak
              • UDM
              • 19 Mar 2010

              where should i find this supported software from???
              thanks for advance

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                • Anonymous
                • TfX
                • 26 Feb 2010

                try XDA developers.com for upgrades

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                  • how to upgrade to WM
                  • 2@x
                  • 19 Feb 2010

                  can this phone b upgraded. can any1 help me with upgrading this phone frm WM5 to WM6 or WM6.5

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                    • Wanna upgrade my OS,
                    • utQ
                    • 15 Feb 2010

                    Does anybody know that how to upgrade OS version from WM5 to WM6 or WM6.5..
                    plz tell me as soon as possible on kinchu@live.com
                    or kinchit@ymail.com.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • ptQ
                      • 15 Feb 2010

                      Sashika, 09 Oct 2008Sometimes sudenly my phone`s touch feature is not working..... moreHi
                      Do you really mean it does not work or is it slow??and did you drop your phone accidentally anytime???because if it slow then you need to delete some text messages as this takes a hell lot of space but if after doing that it's still does not work then your touch screen* has a problem.
                      *Please note that the LCD touch screen and display LCD should not be confused as this is two seperate hardware.Hope this helps and best of luck.

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                        • MOINAK
                        • PBF
                        • 11 Jan 2010

                        how to upgrade the os of the phone?
                        if anyone can help me,,plz mail me at-moinakguharocking@gmail.com

                          • a
                          • allan
                          • vaM
                          • 30 Dec 2009

                          akshay, 18 Dec 2009In o2 xda mini s phone every thing is good ............. b... morejust simply install the driver to your pc,then the mobile and pc syncronize...

                            • V
                            • Vlad
                            • nFd
                            • 19 Dec 2009

                            wonderful , all extras and low price. I still have WM5 and it is as quick as it should be :)
                            About the stupid BT (British Telecom) problem - get into the router settings , extract the Gateway, DNS settings, and apply then in the phone's settings under WLAN.

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                              • akshay
                              • utm
                              • 18 Dec 2009

                              In o2 xda mini s phone every thing is good .............
                              but how to connect o2 set our computer system ?
                              i try many times to join to compuer.....
                              but mobile can not give response .........
                              i try to activesync > menu> connect> usb support..
                              when i connect to pc so they blink a folder on pc to install a software........
                              its do not work ...........
                              how to possible to mobile connect my pc ............

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                                • ashish
                                • vGx
                                • 14 Dec 2009

                                nice phone!

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                                  • Jason
                                  • wHr
                                  • 03 Dec 2009

                                  cool phone.. upgraded it to wm6.5.. works wonderfully, wifi,bluetooth,gprs works fine.

                                  even thou upgraded radio rom to 3.XX still having issues with missing calls and text messages.

                                  Speakers easily craps out. its still works but one of the speakers has hissing on it.

                                  over clock to 247MZH works great on it speeds up the phone.

                                  Phone keeps on falling hard but still works wonderfully. just dont know how can I repaint it or put sticker on it to make it look presentable.. ;)

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                                    • Iains
                                    • mqj
                                    • 09 Nov 2009

                                    I've had this for a while now

                                    Good phone with one problem - wifi

                                    I can't connect to my BT Homehub

                                    Says connecting but never does

                                    Does anyone have the setting sor this please

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                                      • Shikanji Gujja
                                      • Qdg
                                      • 31 Aug 2009

                                      Anonymous, 18 Aug 2009wtf u people this isn't a help zoneyo man...
                                      this isnt a help desk also...
                                      just share your reviews, not ask questions

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • w0Q
                                        • 18 Aug 2009

                                        wtf u people this isn't a help zone