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  • Uqs
  • 26 Mar 2007

how could i find theams of o2xm please any one had answere please tell me my e-mail id is devesh_coolguy_143@yahoo.co.in

    • R
    • Roxane
    • kaK
    • 23 Mar 2007

    y didn't u make the phone with bluetooth thats not cool

      • D
      • Dipak R. Asti
      • U2H
      • 05 Feb 2007

      In My O2xm only 00.09 second vedio recording.

      pls advise me how to add more hrs , min or second.


      Dipak Asti

        • G
        • Getulio
        • P0F
        • 09 Dec 2006

        I got this mobile 1 year ago, and now i have some problem, when I tried to switch on it is show a message like phone blocked. How can i fix it?? Please anybody could help me? ?

        Thankx... Send to my email if is possible.


          • N
          • Nandkumar
          • ijc
          • 25 Nov 2006

          Sir I want the modem driver for o2xm handset because of no body cd/floppy can taking you for the box of o2xm handsets

            • c
            • chris
            • njN
            • 24 Nov 2006

            i got a o2 xm for christmas ans about 3 weeks later it broke i was really pised off if you ever thing of getting thi phone DONT!!!!!!

              • S
              • Sadek Al Mamun
              • PGZ
              • 10 Oct 2006

              I have a probelem that is, when I connect my phone in my pc with data cable for using my network as a dial up modem, my pc didn't find the driver for my mobile. but memory card swown in my pc. Please send me O2 XM driver software.

                • a
                • ams
                • Uqq
                • 05 Oct 2006

                i have purchased this mobile 4 months ago. i want to use modem of this mobile to get connected with my pc for internet services through the data cable. i dont understand how to do it. i did not rteceive any cd with it for software installation...please help me to solve my proble...its urgent...

                  • P
                  • Pritesh
                  • Uq9
                  • 26 Sep 2006

                  i bought O2 Xm some days back the problem i am havin is when i try connecting the phone to my pc via usb, My pc detects USB MASS STORAGE device and only Phone memory is shown in MY COMPUTER by making a new drive. But one time it showed one more driver which was MEMORY CARD drive. Please help me out guys i want to send files directly to my MMC CARD

                    • B
                    • Ben Homer
                    • mXx
                    • 23 Sep 2006

                    I bought this phone about 6 or 7 months ago and have had trouble with it since the first time i turned it on. The first one i got had to be taken back anyway due to software problems but the 2nd one i got was not much better. I have never got the phone connecting to the computer and now that i actually have music on the phone the button on the side which turns the mp3 player on keeps being pressed in my pocket so in lessons i find i am playing music. this is definately the worst phone i have ever had. its not been treated badly at all but suddenly it has decided its going to turn off frequently in my pocket. it also often turns off while i am trying to txt. i would advise even though its good value not to get this phone.

                      • r
                      • rahul chhabra
                      • ijc
                      • 22 Sep 2006

                      as i had purchased this set 2month before but i did understand how it lost its software therefore i request you to please help me to update it wish you that you we mail me
                      thanking you

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                        • DD
                        • 2S{
                        • 19 Sep 2006

                        I had purchased O2 XM recently. I am having trouble with the set. The set hangs frequently and does not show the availablity in the present network

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                          • shobyshah
                          • Sfp
                          • 19 Sep 2006

                          hey its sound is good design 50 50 i like it other information call me 00923336913891

                            • j
                            • jam
                            • 2Zj
                            • 06 Sep 2006

                            hey can anyone tell me how 2 install any software on the phone. it has cool sound but but less fetures.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • PEM
                              • 30 Aug 2006

                              bad design.

                              seems that nobody cares for style.

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                                • om
                                • i4b
                                • 29 Aug 2006

                                iwant to know that have speak phone work in O2 XM maobile

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • iLP
                                  • 19 Aug 2006

                                  I had this phone for a week .. untill i dropped it and it smashed at the part where it flips.. it wasnt a hard fall or from much height... was a bit disappionting

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • pYV
                                    • 16 Aug 2006

                                    yo i had this fone since october lst year and so far the mms onli works sometimes. we only have 9seconds of video (not enough) and it doesnt alwayz charge up properly does any1 else have this problem?

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • MF{
                                      • 13 Jul 2006

                                      a terrible unit. the flip top wobbles after 2 months and this affects screen quality. mp3 doesn't work. videos rubbish as has been said. charge socket faulty. headphones flimsy. badly designed and cheaply made

                                        • L
                                        • Louise
                                        • Six
                                        • 30 Jun 2006

                                        I have this phone also and everytime i turn it off it looses an hour on the clock, as somebody else has this problem too. Also, i have contacted o2 many times to set up the mms picture messaging, and they have not done so. Have tried to do it myself too and still not working. Apart from that, the phone is fine!