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  • shavey

would you mind telling me where you got the sd card from and how much it was

  • Debs626

Can I play movies from SD card ?

I can play short ones which fit on fone space put cant play anything direct from SD card, is this possible ?

Thanks in advance to any advice.

  • fran

just put your songs onto your card via the supplied cable through the phone, or with a card reader and start up the music player. simple as that. Random play keeps switching off when not being used which i find annoying though

  • sdf

The o2 shops are selling it for £79, but with a £10 trade in on your old phone bringinging it down to £69. I bought one yesterday

  • sdf

I got a 1 gig SD card in at the mo, works fine, if thats any help

  • shavey

its me agen, i was wondering if any people have successfully used a 1gb mmc card with this phonr

  • shavey

its me agen i have decided to purchase the phone and was just wondering where you could purchase it for 69.99 as the o2 website is selling it for 129.99 with a free dvd player. Now ive read an earlier post on page to i have realised that its easy to connect to the pc but how do you connect it.

  • shavey

how do you put mp3s on it i was wondering a bout getting it

  • gangsta

The O2 XM,

I must clear this up as I brought this phone recently because of comments on this site which were wrong and I don't want others to do the same thing.

THE VIDEO ONLY RECORDS FOR 9 SECONDS! Whatever memory card you have, whatever setting you tweak. Full stop.

This phone would be soooooo good if the software was written better, the complete lack of settings let this phone down.
You can't do simple things like turn the vibration of while still having it ring.
Like profiles not existing at all.
Like no option to turn the video length up.
Like no option where to automatically store photos and videos to.
Like no options to change anything on the front screen.
Like no option to change the time format to AM/PM.
Really simple things which wouldn't have cost them anymore money to do but would have made the phone 50times better to use. (perhaps this is deliberate to try and get you to buy more expensive phones)

The camera takes around 6secs in 1.3mp mode to take a picture (thatís holding it completely still from pressing ok to it actually taking it. by which time what you've taken a picture of has long gone)
(this is in night mode on high settings, maybe quicker in daylight mode, haven't tried though)

Videos are only 9secs (well thatís what it says, mine cuts of after 7secs)

Mine freezes and crashes nearly every time I take 1.3mp photos in night mode. (will try and get it replaced, or exchanged or money back)

Excellent phone if someone wrote some new software for it.

Very Cheap

Good package that includes free data cable, memory card and both ear headphones.

Quick menus

Good quality MP3 player

Good quality Camera and pictures (if outside)

Memory card compatible

Looks quite nice

  • cvb

i thought the xm was meant to be fast. mine isn't. it's really slow. has anyone else had this problem, or it just my phone?

  • jim bob

does anyone know how to stop the random play switching off everytime the mp3 player is closed down, it is really annoying to have to keep switching it on


  • m

To stop the phone playing that sound when you switch it on or off, go to "settings", then "audio", then "tones" then "greeting" and just turn the volume down to 0.

  • ??????

can anyone help?
i have just got this phone can you play video clips without having to have the headphones in to hear it?

  • Fenn

I've just bought this as a replacement for a SonyEriccson K700i that refused to work, and so far it's fine. Not great, but fine -especially as I got a 256k memory card free, which would normally cost about £30!

My main problem is that I can't set it up to use MMS - I've requested the set-ups by text, but got a "Sorry, go back to the shop" type of message.

Any ideas?

In reply to an earlier post - you can actually use the memory cards to store anything, not just music. It works the same as a memory stick - just transfer things onto the card via the pc. It works fine on XP.
To remove the card, you have to push it in (I use a pen!) - it then pops back out.

  • Jen

I have a few similar problems to other people and at least one that I can't see mentioned; any help much appreciated...

- I can get the memory card in; how do you get it back out again? The instructions say something really helpful like 'push it' which has no effect as far as i can manage.

- Like others, numbers rather than names are displayed from some calls / texts. I suspect this can't be rectified since it doesn't happen all the time....?

- can you stop the phone making noises when you turn it on and off? Haven't been able to find this control anywhere.

  • Joanne

I recently got this phone, and I don't like it at all. Texting is awkward, and when I receive a text or a call, instead of the person's name appearing, it's the number. So short of memsorising my entire phone book, I never know who's texting or calling. I asked my dad who he was the other day.

Also, can anybody help me with MMS? It won't let me send them at all, and I can't find any info on MMS settings for this phone online at all. How do I set it up?

  • Nigel

Has anyone found a way to setup the phone to show total duration of outgoing calls? Page 55 of the instruction booklet indicates it will only show Total Calls (both incoming & outgoing) and Last Call. This is a severe limitation, given my contract which has an allocation of free minutes. All other handsets seem to offer this functionality. Is there a software ugrade available?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • hi

The O2 XM has some good features however the phone is not the best. First of all texting is not easy as you have to use the number 1 key to get a space.

The O2 XM occasionally crashes when taking pictures in mega pixel format, the phone can only store about 15 photos in mega pixel (high quality) and a few extra in medium. I donít think you can use the memory stick to store anything other than music which is no good atall.

Photos in general look reasonably good on the PC in mega pixel, however you canít do much editing on the phone.

The small screen at the front of the phone is not very clear this is another bad point. The main screen only looks like a 65k in my opinion, however is still clear.

The phone has poor connectivity however data cable transfer is faster than any other phone I have owned, and the menu system is also very fast.

Sound quality of the MP3 Player is pretty good and loud. When the ear phones are in the quality is also good.

In general the phone is ok.

  • rich

hi, my xm has started freezing just like the x3. Also when the phones turned on the clock lose's an hour. has anyone else had the same problems? I'm thinking of changing to x4, any comments? opinions? thanks

  • Mark

mike your problems are clear to me and i can only anwser question two. after reading my manual i found you can only delete messages saved in your inbox,sent items,drafts,archive or all. hope that helps mate.