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  • Mark Dixon

i bought the o2 xm and its great except i cant find a website that gives FREE ringtones that are compatible,can someone help me out?

  • Rob

You cannot the memory card read by the computer with the data cable. You have to trasnfer the files from the phone to the card one by one or buy a memory card reader.

Hope that helps

  • smc

I've had the phone for a while and have the same problem as Jake and Julie. I ended up just putting the card in a card reader and doing it that way. Anybody know if spare batteries are available for the xm yet? Thanks

  • julie

I'm having the same problem as Jake - I'm connecting the phone via the USB in order to download MP3's but the computer will only read the phones memory & not the memory card. Can anyone tell me how to access please. Thanks, Julie

  • chris

i bought the 02xm out of birthday money. ive always had a nokia but thought i wud try this for a change and i think its a really great fone very pleased with it

  • Rob

Hey, guys if you like the O2 XM then its gone down to 69.99 in O2 shops even though its adverstised as 99.99. Its a great fone for the price!

  • JAke

just got this phone, i dont think it comes neer to being the best phone out but for the price its brilliant. Ive had 1 problem though!!! my pc runs on xp and it recognises only the phone memory and not the memory card memory. so i have to put tracks on 1 by 1 and then move them to the memory card. can any help me? thanks jake

  • Phil Nicholas

Battery lifes a little short, main benefit is its easy to connect to pc and upload mp3's. Takes sd cards unlike other phones that have fixed memory size. Simple interface - easy to use. Mp3 player a little simple, playlist by artist/file name doesnt seem to work very well. Also little external arial can sit uncomfortably in your pocket!

  • jake

this is a good phone good camera does erything you want in a phone what else could you wamt out of a phone

  • envy baby

Words can be added to the dictionary by writing them in abc mode and then switching back to T9 mode. The word is now added...

  • alan


With regard to compressing the images, the 1.3mp setting is best for use other than on the phone, while the wallpaper setting matches the phone screen resolution so gives the best results on the screen.

Ideal is to use the 1.3MP setting, xfer them to the pc to get the decent pics on your hard drive then resize copies of them to 176x220 on your PC and send them back to the phone where they will look excellent.

In addition to the outer camera there is a way to forward tracks when using the mp3 with the clam closed...can't remember exactly what to do, think it's hold down the play button?

I agree that the Nokia 6230i is a better phone, but where can I get one for 69.99? Nokia is at least 170 new, and if I was spending that much I'd go for the SE K750i or Nokia 6680 at 200.

For 70 the only thing that is similar spec (excl mem card & mp3) is the Siemens SF65.

  • mike

just bought the XM: pleased with it, but i have a few questions that other owners might be able to help me with -
1. how do you delete a txt message copied to the sim card?
2. does the phone have a key lock function? if so how do u turn it on?
3. can u add to the predictive txt dictionary?
4. does compressing images affect their quality?


  • Judy

Shane... the lady in the O2 shop showed me that function. Interesting and different I guess. The XM has some nice little touches. Its the speed of the menu's that I like. Why does the Intel chip make such a difference?

  • Shane N

If you hold down the play/pause button while the phones closed it used the front mini screen as the view finder for the camera i am saying this cause its not in the insstructions.

  • Scott Churchill

I would not recomend getting this phone as it is poo. Look up the details on this phone then look at a nokia 6230i. Its ok if you just want to make some phone calls but if you want a good phone for different things look else where.

  • alan


Some O2 shops are advertising this at 129.99 whilst others have it at 99.99.

To get it for 99.99, they can either price match an O2 store where it is 99.99 or if you mention that there was an August Bank Holiday offer at 99.99, they can type in a code which will still validate the bank holiday offer.

I got it for 69.99 even though the in store price was 129.99 by using the bank holiday code and trading in a five year old non working handset to get 30 trade in.

Phone has a few little quirks, but overall is excellent.

  • Gail

If you walk into an o2 shop and tell them you don't want the DVD player they will sell you the phone for 129.99

That's what I did........... and the phone is good.

  • JoC

sorry i mean 230!!!

  • JoC

i was wondering where you could get this phone from at 70 because on the o2 website you can onl get it for 130 but you get a free portable DVD player, only problem is i don't want one!!! please help me and click the email button! CHEERS xXz

  • Martin

Re O2XM Memory Card fitting problem

Thanks Shane, that has resolved the problem.