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O2 Xphone II

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  • Hakim

Hm i thought it supports mp3? juz bought the phone and transfer mp3s from my old k700i to this phone, functionwise kinda complicated at first...but u'll get use to it

  • mok

bob2: It's lousy I know losing the O2 shortcut. O2 didn't program the boot seq. correct. When you do hard reset, this is lost. I've been in the same situation, frankly I don't miss it.

mp3? It should play any mp3.. otherwise try to install another mediaplayer. About volume: guilt do you really own a O2 xphone2? It's pretty loud.

  • bob2

hi guys i hav juz hard reset my phone but my O2 CONNECT icon lost does any 1 know where i can get it to restore to my phone...thx

  • guilt

hi everyone 1 good tip for u all to learn thing is go to the o2 connect icon to learn all those great stuff....i hav bought this phone for 1 mth at first thought its is a lousy phone but after using actually is a great phone....and its is quite fun...rather than all those nokia phone ..man sick of those phone same function...although this phone volume is not so loud but enough to let u hear it ring....and if any 1 asking abt bluetooth how to send to ppl ...sorry u need a third party software...and also this phone cannot support mp3 but is good that can support .wma cuz the format is small and also if any 1 wanna ask how to set ur ringtone to ur own music remember to change to .wav format ....and lots of ppl i can see asking abt how to hard reset actually is easy...cuz shut down ur phone and next hold the left and right soft keys and pressed 1 time on the power on/off button and its will load to a page saying press '0' to restore factory setting so after pressing its will take some time to fully restored factory setting...if ur screen jam most likely is tat u hav too much program running so guys u all should often go task manager to stop those unwanted program from running..I hope i hav help u all solve ur problem ...simply post ur problem or message to share....

  • Aditya V Heble

Hi !

I was trying to send pictures and sounds via bluetooth to other phones but realised that there was no option to do that. the only options i get to send them are via email or MMS. Could someone help me here ? is there are third party software to do this ?
Secondly, there is no option to mute the ringer when i get a call.
Please help!!!
Aditya V Heble

  • param

does the phone has mp3????????

  • NIK

hi icarus
the best gprs services telco in m'sia is DIGI!!

  • mok

Hard reset O2 XPHONEII if anything else fails:

- remove battery for few minutes, put back,

hard reset is done by the pressing the two black buttons (left/right just below the lcd). Hold the soft buttons and then press the power on/off button (it takes some excercise). Release the power on/off button but keep the L/R soft keys pressed, until you see a message for factory settings. Relase L/R buttons and choose '0' button to continue. After that your phone is back in default factory mode.

- it does take some time and excercise to push the buttons in the right sequence. Just keep trying.

  • Gatehn

Hi everyone, please let me know how to hard reset o2 xphone ii?

  • Icarus

Hi Malaysian users.... what telco supports GPRS the best in Malaysia? I'm currently on Celcom is its very very slow. Can anyone recommend a faster GPRS connection in Malaysia. Thanks.

  • ogre

to search for contact, use keypad 2-9 like in Nokia
O2 will search it accordingly. Example, John, press 5646

SIM contact are all contacts stored in SIM card if I'm not wrong

About GPRS : if you've turned it off by holding the home button, then it's off. The G symbol appear at the top of the screen shows that there is GPRS service available, but it's off.For GPRS on, there's another symbol (refer to the manual)

  • Po2

how to do a search for name in contacts?
what is the diff btw sim contacts and the contact button?

  • echo

i tried to turn off the GPRS by pressing the home key however after i've selected the disconnect button, the GPRS logo still appear on the top of my screen
Please help me solve this issue.

  • mentos

Hi, i have this feedback on this phone, the system always hang, and you cannot do anything with it, you cannot even switch it off as the keypad is lock too. only way is to take the power supply out from the phone. any commnet on this

  • mentos

Hi, anyone know how to reset the xphone 2, as i need to clear all the data from phone

  • mok

This poster b-r-o below needs to read more posts...... q&a enough.

  • carson

u cannot use the BT headset to listern mp3 or song.press the power button still to proceed hard reset. joystick is the fatal bad points of this phone. cannot play mp3 as ringtone. i've used it for 4 months. up to now still ok. for the bros who live in new york if u wan to repair yr screen then it will be very costly. S'pore here just repair the casing cost abt S$180 & S$80 for the labor fees. the weak point of this phone is can't read or write microsoft word and excel. knew there are some 3 parties software but still only read. by pressing "house" button, it will lead u to how to off the GPRS or BT. a lot of bro here just posting q but no one answer q. hope i have answered some of bros q here!!

  • ogre

mark arciaga : cool website, thanks ....

anyone knows other website which offers free utilities/games for smartphone ?

  • hithere

Please advice any third party software that i can download/purchase in order for the O2 xphone II read Chinese messages (SMS). They looked garbage right now.

  • felix

i broke my xphone ii screen yesterday. does anyone know if the repair center repairs it? if so, how much? i brought my phone in hong kong, but i mostly live in new york. it is hard for me to get in touch with the support from here. any answer is appreciated. thanks.