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O2 Xphone IIm

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  • Anonymous
  • vG4
  • 08 Aug 2007

i have got one 02 xphone IIm, while i m saying the phone is good also would like to mention the other side of that. The battery lift is very poor also the button which is not functioning at all. the manufacturer should take it very seriously. also required to the installation CD of the 02 xphone IIM

    • j
    • john
    • PSY
    • 25 Jul 2007

    i love so much this phone

      • A
      • Alex
      • U22
      • 24 Jul 2007

      Hi guys. I also have an O2 Xphone IIm .....See a lot of problems with this phone....for me also the joystick not working properly...I wonder why O2 manufacturers is not taking any action to resolve this problem. Every one please send mail to them regarding this...Lets hope they will do some thing to improve there phone....


        • v
        • vincent
        • w4s
        • 28 Jun 2007

        How i download my O2 connectivity software from net

          • k
          • kingkong
          • TIE
          • 21 May 2007

          u may spay WD4T anti-rust remover on joystick,it become like new,I did that to my xphone llm,try...

            • J
            • Jems
            • PZA
            • 16 May 2007

            i can't setting up my Xphone IIm (date,time,sound,etc) and my joystick is really bad and my spekerphone can't active. Would anyone can help me to repair or give opinion to repair my Xphone IIm? please,i am really appreciate your answer. Thanx a lot. Jems

              • l
              • li
              • TIE
              • 15 May 2007

              i have set the device password,but i forgot the password...
              so that got any software to slove this problem.
              anyone who know it,can sent to my mail boxs.
              thanks alot..

                • o
                • onf
                • TIE
                • 14 Apr 2007

                Juz copy yr music file into my documents/application data/sounds

                  • K
                  • Krishna
                  • PFM
                  • 14 Feb 2007

                  I am using this phone for the past 6 months. I would like to know how to set mp3 song as a ringtone. Can anyone help me pls ..
                  Thanks in advance.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • PAI
                    • 13 Feb 2007

                    My XphoneIIm Shows "Flight Mode". I don't know how it got there. Can anyone help me to get out of "Flight Mode". I can't make any call with this mode.

                      • B
                      • BASKAR
                      • U27
                      • 01 Feb 2007

                      can any friend tell me the website wher free softwares&games are available

                        • s
                        • syed
                        • 2SM
                        • 27 Jan 2007

                        Hi Friends i love my xpone very much, but the only problem is joystick it has failed twice, it won't scroll down also make very hard to use, is there any way to improve this drouble any one plz help me

                          • H
                          • Harmidi
                          • ibf
                          • 11 Jan 2007

                          My comments

                          a. Nice color and touch.
                          -looks like very expensive
                          - Reminds me of Apple's IPOD color!

                          b. Joystick NEED IMPROVEMENT O2!
                          - The joystick suck! It doesnot go down or up some time. Looking at other comments, i should send it for repair ASAP!

                          c. Good camera
                          -Good camera, suprising for an entry level phone.

                          d. Slow Processing speed
                          - Slow processing speed, sometime it takes too long to wait.

                          e. Need time to get used to
                          - If you used to Nokia, it will take some time for you to get used to its menu

                          f. Hang!
                          - Yup..It does hang sometime, make it 2 times a month!

                            • N
                            • Nabin
                            • Pxx
                            • 18 Dec 2006

                            Need OS(Operating system) for O2 Xphone IIM, can any one pls tell me where can I get it.

                              • N
                              • NIH
                              • wu0
                              • 29 Nov 2006

                              Anyone has Windows mobile 2003 SE for O2Xphone IIm software? Could you please send to me?

                                • x
                                • xenovai
                                • PSY
                                • 13 Oct 2006

                                i just want to ask some questionts here.
                                is possibel to set any songs as ring tone in this phone? if it's possible can some1 plz show me da way? co'z i'm looking all over da phone and haven't found yet!. and for da background pic also , possible to change or set any of pic that i want?

                                  • B
                                  • Bharani
                                  • PSM
                                  • 09 Oct 2006

                                  oh...god, i accidently deleted the O2 menu and O2 application, and until now cant find the software from the internet to install it back? anyone please help me...
                                  PLEASEEEEEEEEEE HELP ME

                                    • ?
                                    • ???
                                    • PFM
                                    • 07 Oct 2006

                                    This is because the phone does not support the particular midlet. SE midlet is compatible with o2, you may consider using it

                                      • j
                                      • justalv
                                      • UDM
                                      • 25 Sep 2006

                                      i love this so much
                                      but why when i tryed to add some game with java
                                      its said
                                      cnnot find midlet progaram

                                      please tell me whats i must to do and where to get this free!!

                                        • H
                                        • Honest
                                        • iww
                                        • 28 Aug 2006

                                        I m using this phone for some time recently I installed pocket music player,really it enhances audio output quality but I need seial no for this prog.Any kind hearted person can post that. Thnx in advance