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O2 Xphone IIm

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  • Jae
  • PI4
  • 25 Aug 2006

Hey Guys
What is different between Xphone II and Xphone IIm ?
and r u guys sure that these phones Joystick is poor..?

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    • Toks112
    • 4CP
    • 23 Aug 2006

    Is there any way I can improve the speaker volume on my phone?

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      • whatever
      • wrd
      • 20 Aug 2006

      this phone is awesome man.buy it last week.but anyone knows where i cna download
      fm radio tuner?i check http://www.airfagev.com and who knows where i can download f1 game and tv tuner?for free???

        • s
        • suzan
        • PGY
        • 17 Aug 2006

        i have accidentally remove o2 menu and o2 connect, please anyone tell me where can i download it.if u know mail me on sr_s@hotmail.com

          • P
          • Phred
          • P%m
          • 16 Aug 2006

          love my xphone I have had it for more than a year great to use but the joystick has failed twice, it won't scroll down, this makes it very hard to use. The warranty and the repair warranty (3mth) have finished and O2 wants $100 for a repair that only lasted 4 months last time so I have a expensive paper wieght, has anyone else had this prob? and if you do you should send it in at the first sign ( I waited ) so you get the affect of the repair warranty

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • iWr
            • 12 Jul 2006

            I tried to sync my IIm wiht desktop PC via bluetooth, but failed to do so. Following are the steps that i did:

            1. IIm Bluetooth-> on
            2. PC Bluetooth -> on
            3. IIm BT serial port, incoming and outgoing checked
            4. PC bluetooth, add outgoing port. It found IIm and add in the IIm's incoming port number with local outgoing comm port
            5. make some changes in outlook, open active syn and connect to the outgoing port.
            6. It fails to connect and sync with IIm.

            If i have my IIm direct connect to PC via USB, the active sync will be executed and synchorinize immediately.

            Is there any step that i missed out?


              • H
              • Hans
              • ijn
              • 24 Jun 2006

              When I first bought this phone I thought that X phn 2 M was the perfection of x phn 2 until I found out that:
              1) There's no improvement in the battery life.

              2) You can only receive file (music, pics) via bluetooth but not to send it via bluetooth to other device. You can send few things via bluetooth such as contacts.

              3) If you expect to get lots of applications from the 3rd party, you better stop thinking of purchasing this phone.

              4) If you use larger memory than 128 mb, the phone is quite laggy.

              5) It says this phone provide us speakerphone mode, but I dont think it is.

              6) Try the sound recorder feature and you'll be dissapointed.

              Well, for this time that's all I can say..tahnk you..

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                • impressed
                • MfA
                • 15 Jun 2006

                i was reserved about switching from a touch screen treo to this phone. but after i got my hands on it,fiddled around n installed applications into it, i never thought about my treo again! this phone simply impressed me, no touch screen compared to o2 mini or atom but a comfortable keypad (though wished it were a qwerty). for those who said it was lousy, this is a PDA phone after all, and all i can say is it was not meant to be idiot proof. there is a learning curve to it, difficulty of getting used to it depends a lot on the saviness of the person behind the keypad.

                  • E
                  • Edward
                  • PFM
                  • 13 Jun 2006

                  I juz bought this o2 xphone llm, n i found out that it can only receive things via bluetooth but it cant send things, when i saw this forum i found that by using the smart explorer it can send/receive...i already d/l the software n stored it inside the phone but cant seem to install it as the phone says that "it is not a valid windows CE application"...really do not know what to do...i urgently need to solve this problem as i often send things via bluetooth with my frens...If anybody knows what is the problem, plz let me know...

                    • D
                    • Dan
                    • PFM
                    • 03 Jun 2006

                    This phone just keep hanging on me, even after hard reset... really disappointing, and I once accidentally deleted the O2 Menu, service center told me I have to send my phone in to reinstall it - I don't quite understand why so, but I have given out using it... just doesn't make sense to me.

                    Think twice b4 you buy this phone. It does looks attractive, I agree.

                      • a
                      • ali
                      • PFM
                      • 29 May 2006

                      Where do u find "free" softwares.Thanks

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • PFM
                        • 21 May 2006

                        im O2 user since O2 release their 1st product, which is xphone...
                        and i always follow the latest phone of this brand...in fact there is some other brand have the same specification like SPV, Qtek, i-mate, dopod, and so on...
                        but in Asia we can only find O2 and dopod..
                        this is very perfect, nice and smartest phone in the world..any Q bot program, u can email me to emarc77@yahoo.com. cheers

                          • b
                          • boyke
                          • PF$
                          • 21 May 2006

                          awesome,this phone is cool man.and i like it.....after o2 sponsoring bmw sauber f1.but does it haves download application like download manager?or bmw sauber f1 special menu?
                          does it support java?

                            • f
                            • fatboy
                            • msh
                            • 20 May 2006

                            I cant seem to change the language from chinese. Has anyone else had this problem

                              • z
                              • zul
                              • ib9
                              • 18 May 2006

                              i got the problem with my phone..can any one assist me how to get back my O2 menu and O2 connect application for my phone..i spend the whole my time checking it in the internet but i got nothing..plz..who in kch sarawak, can somebody foolow up me.the only way i know is, duplicate the file from other phone..can somebody help me..

                                • r
                                • rup
                                • PSY
                                • 17 May 2006

                                hi...everyone....i've also have xphoneIIm...mine ph can't be send sms...why???and battery is so bad...and then isn't connect activesync with my computer.
                                Pls tell me somebody know about all this.

                                  • g
                                  • giveup
                                  • F4p
                                  • 15 May 2006

                                  mariel-look 4 3rd party vendors the non-free 1's werks on ms word,ppt n also pdf files..

                                    • g
                                    • giveup
                                    • F4p
                                    • 15 May 2006

                                    the only way my mms works is by calling up the sp n get the config....the av by airscanner really works on this fone,but the speedn batts are bad had dis fone 4 a yr now....

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Uia
                                      • 12 May 2006

                                      Does anyone know hoe to set up MMS

                                        • o
                                        • o2
                                        • i4Y
                                        • 12 May 2006

                                        where can i find pc suite for this ???